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'Legion Of Skanks' Releases Video Mocking Drag Queen Story Hour

'Educating Children Is Not Just About Teaching Them Math And Science … It's About Teaching Them D--- Jokes'

Comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, Ari Shaffir, and Ian Fidance released a skit titled “Stand-Up Story Hour” mocking the proliferation of Drag Queen Story Hour hosted by adult performers.

Oakerson and Gomez also host the Legion of Skanks podcast with fellow comedian Dave Smith.

The video begins with Gomez joking about a friend born on Columbus Day, named after a “murderer and a rapist,” as children in the audience explode with laughter.

“Stand-Up Story Hour is about love and acceptance,” Gomez continues as the video transitions to a mock-interview of the comedian. “It’s about teaching children to be tolerant and open minded.”

“Is our art typically performed for children? No,” the comedian says. “But in 2023 comedians are still suffering a lot of discrimination, and I think we have to expose children to this at an early age.”

The video transitions to a mock-interview with Oakerson who similarly remarks on exposing children to comedy.

“Sure, yeah, maybe I’m different,” Oakerson says. “But you know what? One of those kids might be different.”

The video transitions to Oakerson performing crowd work to children asking, “Any Jews in the house?”

“You ever f— a black guy?” the comedian asks as children laugh before Oakerson mimics fellatio with his microphone.

Fidance is featured referring to Stand-Up Story Hour as “love” and “acceptance” as the video features the comedian joking about bringing a gun to school to kill a principal.

The video transitions to Shaffir who appears to demonstrate how to consume acid tabs.

“These people aren’t freaks. They just like to act like freaks,” says one mother in a mock-parent interview. “They just want to perform and be heard by children when they talk about sex and race and politics.”

“Our son once came to us and said, ‘I’m a comedian,'” says the father. “I think that’s okay.”

Shaffir is shown delivering a stand-up routine on January 6, 2021 Capitol riot before he physically removes a child from the audience.

“Educating children is not just about teaching them math and science. It’s about teaching them to be empathetic,” Gomez says. “It’s about teaching them to be open minded. It’s about teaching them dick jokes.”

The video transitions to another mock-interview with a librarian who addresses “some blowback” to Stand-Up Story Hour.

“You know how closed-minded some people are,” the librarian says.

A drag performer in costume is featured outside the library protesting the event while holding up a sign reading, “LEAVE KIDS ALONE.”

“You sick f—s!” the drag performer says. “They’re too young for jokes!”

The video concludes with Fidance offering a child a cigarette.

Earlier this year, fellow comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla compared Drag Queen Story Hour to his line of work.

“Here’s the whole thing about Drag Queen Story Hour. Any self-respecting drag queen should be like, ‘I’m not gonna shake my caboose for a five-year-old. What kind of chicken s— is this?'” Carolla said during a January episode of The Adam Carolla Show. “If they did Stand-Up Story Hour I’d go, ‘What’s going on … why the f— would I perform for seven-year-olds?'”

“We’re gonna take 50-year-old former long-haul truckers and put them in a f—ing thong and have them mince about in front of your five-year-old,” he said.

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