Koch Network Opposes Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools

The conservative billionaire Koch network is taking a surprising stand against banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools.

The issue has become a major focus for conservatives, most of whom oppose the teachings due to the fact that it teaches people to view every situation or person through a racial lens. Critics believe that it is divisive because it scapegoats white people, particularly men and boys, for all of society’s ills.

Defenders of CRT argue that students must be taught that racism is systemic in society and permeates the U.S. legal system in order for there to be equality.

Leaders in the Koch network just believe that taxpayer funded teachers should be free to tell your children whatever they want, according to a report from Click Orlando on Wednesday.

“Using government to ban ideas, even those we disagree with, is also counter to core American principles — the principles that help drive social progress,” Evan Feinberg, executive director of the Koch-affiliated Stand Together Foundation, told Click Orlando.

The report adds that “while they note they don’t agree with the ideas at the center of the fight, they argue the government bans, now enacted in 11 states, stifle debate essential to democracy.”

Back in May, the Charles Koch Foundation’s Vice President of Philanthropy Charlie Ruger published a letter in The Chronicle of Higher Education declaring that bans on CRT are violating the freedom of expression.

“Both learning and research require openness to new ideas and the ability to argue productively,” Ruger wrote. “That requires standing against censorship.”

The mega-donor Koch family has spent millions of dollars becoming massively influential in right-wing politics, generally pushing for libertarian policies — perhaps most notably though the Cato Institute think-tank.

“David and Charles Koch have been patiently reshaping the Republican Party and conservatism in America since at least the 1970s,” Christopher Leonard, who wrote a book about Koch Industries, told USA TODAY after the death of David Koch. “To do that, they’ve built a political influence machine that is unrivaled in America.”

Currently, the Koch network is funding multiple organizations that are on the frontlines in the fight against CRT in schools. The donations were awarded before the issue became a Republican priority, according to the Click Orlando report.

It is currently unclear if they will continue funding groups who have prioritized the fight against CRT in the future.

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8 responses to “Koch Network Opposes Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools”

  1. Poetentiate says:

    Wow, so as most Conservatives come out against teaching Racism/Apartheid/Segregation Theory in schools the Koch network reveals their true Racist colors. Way to go American Elite! They clearly own the American decline and upcoming collapse

  2. pandusa says:

    Another commie billionaire. Yes, the indoctrination MUST continue…for the ELITE to inherit the Earth.

  3. IrateModerate says:

    “Yes, the Critical Theorists hated capitalism, like all Marxists, but they hated something new about capitalism compared against their predecessors. They hated that capitalism works”
    Happy workers don’t want Marxist revolution, so Herbert Marcuse found a new way to subvert prosperous capitalist Society
    Marxist Critical Theory and group identity Politics, CRT is Racial identity Politics, the Politics of Jim Crow and KKK.
    The Politics of tribalism and hatred of The Other. Perfect tool to foment Racial conflict in order to justify Marxist revolution

    Woke Communism

  4. Ckimsey says:

    Thats why they call it “Dangerous Freedom”!
    It is up to those who seek to provide the shade of the trees they plant, to also provide the knowledge of how to use the shade!

  5. DoubleDownDee says:

    Tolerating the constant intolerance of others isn’t enlightened, it’s suicidal.
    There must be a line that cannot be crossed in order for a culture to survive.

  6. UppityG says:

    “The report adds that “while they note they don’t agree with the ideas at the center of the fight, they argue the government bans, now enacted in 11 states, stifle debate essential to democracy.””

    Derisible. The Kochs are the #1 defenders of open borders and endless immigration, legal or illegal. They want that to never end and they get it by fostering the lie that America is riddled with racism. So to prove we aren’t racist, we must, MUST tolerate the endless flow of poor, uneducated, cheap labor from 3rd world countries that mostly speak Spanish, and poor, specialty educated, cheap labor from other 3rd world countries that mostly speak Hindi, Urdu or Farsi.

  7. Aquipjoe says:

    I can understand that position from a macro free speech point on view and have no problem debating someone that believes CRT. I think the bigger issue is that the purpose of schools, especially elementary through high school, is to teach our kids the building blocks of math, science, language and fact based history. The purpose is not to teach them or rather indoctrinate them on what to think. They need to learn “how” to think and how the reason. It is a sad truth but I am at the point where home schooling is probably the only option or maybe community based schooling like the old one room school houses of the past. It is true that government ruins everything it touches.

  8. Viewtifuljoe says:

    Homeschool your kids, folks.