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Kari Lake To Launch Ballot Chasing Operation In Arizona

'The Courts Have Ruled That Anything Goes ... We Can Play By Those Same Rules'

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced a ballot chasing operation in the state.

Lake’s announcement follows Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson’s Tuesday ruling against the Gubernatorial candidate on her second election case.

At a press conference, Lake said she was looking at “several paths for appeal” along with announcing the ballot chasing effort.

The effort will function under Lake’s Save Arizona Fund.

“We are officially launching the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state’s history and frankly, possibly in American history,” Lake said during the press conference. “The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stand. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly.”

“The courts have ruled that anything goes. Well, we can play by those same rules.”

“We’re going to inundate them with so many mail in ballots, their heads are going to spin.”

Lake’s second case was dismissed by Thompson who claimed her team failed to show misconduct by an election official.

“We will not allow them to steal another election from We the People; we want our government back,” Lake continued. “And right now we have people sitting in these offices and our government, who are not duly elected. We are better at doing everything better than the left.”

She continued:

We know we have better candidates; they put forth people who can’t even string two or three words together, they put forth people who aren’t even healthy enough to hold office, mentally healthy enough to hold office, because they can’t find good people who actually will push the garbage they’re pushing on Americans. We’ve seen them do anything possible to stop We the People from taking back our government, but we the people are gonna stand up.

“We’ve been playing checkers; they’ve been playing chess, and we’re gonna start, we’re going to show up to a knife fight with a gun, not a knife.”

In November, Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs was projected to win Arizona’s Gubernatorial race.

Hobbs was sworn into office as Arizona’s 24th Governor on Jan. 2.

Lake has recently hinted at seeking a Senate run, though has not officially announced her candidacy.

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