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Jimmy Dore Says Legacy Media Propagandizes Americans To Convince Them To Vote For Biden

'They Have To Make Trump Out To Be A 30-Foot Tall Hitler'

Comedian Jimmy Dore said legacy media propagandizes Americans to convince them to vote for Joe Biden.

Dore made the comment during a recent episode of The Boyscast hosted by fellow comedians Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk.

“American people are the most propagandized people in the world, and they have no idea,” Dore said, adding the difference between a United States citizen and someone formerly a member of the Soviet Union or Chinese Communist Party is that the former are aware their media is propagandized.

The comedian said CNN’s Anderson Cooper makes $12 million a year, with $10 million coming from “Big Pharma.”

“Do you think that guy ever tells you the truth about anything?” Dore asked, referencing the CNN anchor’s previous involvement with the CIA. “The news media used to have to infiltrate with CIA people.”

“Now, they bring the head of the CIA right on their news show and ask him questions like he’s a reliable source.”

“What you’re supposed to do is bring on another guy to tell you what lies the CIA guy just told you,” Dore continued. “That’s not what they do anymore.”

The comedian cited President Trump as a reason for legacy media outlets changing their tactics.

“They’re all good people, and Trump’s the bad person,” he said. “They have to make Trump out to be a 30-foot tall Hitler in order for you to vote for a guy who’s the enemy of the people, who’s promised to veto healthcare in the middle of a pandemic and just crushed the worker’s union and railroad strike.”

“That’s real fascism,” Dore concluded.”

Cooper revealed his previous involvement with the CIA in a 2006 article published by the outlet.

“As a college student, I had a number of summer jobs and internships, including working at the CIA,” Cooper wrote at the time, adding he was 19 years old at the time. “Like many college students, I was curious about a variety of careers.”

“There was a flyer for the CIA in my college career counseling office, and I applied for a summer job,” he continued noting he was a political science major and was interested in serving the country. “For a couple months over the course of two summers, I worked at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.”

I know the CIA may sound more exotic and mysterious, but it was actually pretty bureaucratic and mundane, at least the little bit that I saw of it. By the end of the second summer, I realized it was not a place I wanted to work after college. I’ve told all my employers about it over the years, but have chosen not to talk about it publicly. When I began to travel overseas to war zones as a reporter, I realized that some Jihadist might not understand that what people do for summer jobs in college doesn’t mean they make a career out of it.

Dore has hosted The Jimmy Dore Show since 2010. The show was broadcast on the public radio station KPFK in Los Angeles, California. In 2021, Dore’s show became independently broadcast through his YouTube and Rumble channels.

The comedian hosted a separate incarnation of his show on Cenk Uygur’s media network, The Young Turks, with The Point host Ana Kasparian in 2012. In 2017, Dore began hosting Aggressive Progressives through The Young Turks network.

Dore left The Young Turks in 2019 to focus on his show and comedy performances.

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