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Jamie Dimon Says Nikki Haley Is The Only Candidate Who Can Save the Economy

'Nikki Haley's momentum and path to victory are clear' said Haley's campaign manager

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says that Nikki Haley is the only presidential candidate who can save the U.S. economy.

Dimon recently held private discussions with her in a bid to elevate her standing in the GOP primary race.

Haley, who has previously served as a former ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Governor, has seen her support rise following her performances in the Republican primary debates.

Dimon, who spoke with her on several phone conversations, says he believes that Haley has the potential to bring the country together, an unnamed banking source told Axios.

After the third GOP primary debate, which was held last week, a 538/Washington Post/Ipsos poll found that likely Republican primary and caucus voters found Haley to be the winner.

Haley is in third place in most polls, though in several she has surged to second place, beating out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

News of the conversation between Dimon and Haley broke as it was reported that her presidential campaign will be dropping a $10 million media blitz for television, radio, and digital ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, where the first two primary contests are held.

The ad spend is nearly five times larger than what the DeSantis campaign has reserved for an ad spend during the same time period.

“Nikki Haley’s momentum and path to victory are clear,” said Haley’s campaign manager Betsy Ankney. “The same can’t be said for Ron DeSantis, who, even with a decent showing in Iowa, can’t afford a cup of coffee at the Red Arrow Diner in New Hampshire and is a mere tourist in South Carolina.”

While many consider winning these early primaries as key to winning enough support to become the party’s nominee, history shows mixed results.

Only three of the seven U.S. presidents since 1976 won their Iowa caucuses — Democrats Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, and Republican George W. Bush.

As PBS reported, candidates who lost the Iowa caucuses, but went on to win the nomination and presidency, include Ronald Reagan in 1980, George H.W. Bush in 1988, and Donald Trump in 2016.

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