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James O'Keefe OUT From Project Veritas, After Being Placed on Paid Leave By the Board

UPDATE: O’Keefe says he was removed from the company in an exclusive video provided to Timcast News.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: James O’Keefe Tells Project Veritas Staff, ‘I’ve Been Removed From CEO and Board’

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is no longer with the company after being placed on paid leave by the board earlier this month.

There are currently conflicting reports about whether he resigned or was removed from the company that he founded in 2011.

OAN reporter and Project Veritas alum Neil McCabe tweeted the news on Monday morning.

“[OKeefe], my friend and former boss at Project Veritas, just read his resignation letter to his former team and board members at their Mamaroneck, N.Y. headquarters,” McCabe wrote. “James will make his own way—as he always has before.”

However, Project Veritas’ RC Maxwell soon replied that this was inaccurate — and that the board removed O’Keefe.

“This is not accurate. James was removed from his position as CEO by the Project Veritas board. They are in charge now,” Maxwell wrote.

As Timcast News previously reported, a group of 16 Project Veritas employees asked the non-profit’s board of directors earlier this month, asking them to remove O’Keefe in a letter exposing internal tensions within the organization.

“The undersigned is troubled and frustrated with James’ management style and business acumen,” the letter began. “These behaviors and actions are antithetical to our core values, and it came to a head this week. Most recently, the treatment of Barry Hinckley and Tom O’Hara.”

The group accused O’Keefe of becoming a “power-drunk tyrant” and said that “he is exactly who he pontificates on who we should be exposing.”

O’Keefe was subsequently placed on leave, and many close to the company’s founder described it as a coup.

Social media and donors rallied behind O’Keefe, with “James O’Keefe is Project Veritas” trending on Twitter and a cease and desist letter sent to the company by those who fund it.

“We are concerned that the Board may already be acting in violation of Virginia charitable solicitation and trust law and ask that the Board refrain from taking further actions to fundamentally undermine the purposes for which Project Veritas be established,” the letter from the donors read.

Timcast News has reached out to Project Veritas and O’Keefe for comment and clarification. We will update this story if more information is provided.

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