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Jack Dorsey Backs Elon Musk In Saying Trump's Ban Was Wrong

'It was a business decision, it shouldn't have been,' Dorsey said. 'We should always revisit our decisions and evolve as necessary'

Elon Musk garnered attention recently when he said in an online video conversation that former President Trump’s permanent Twitter ban was wrong. 

Banning Trump “was a morally bad decision, to be clear, and foolish in the extreme,” the billionaire said at a Financial Times conference on Tuesday. Musk was quick to state that former CEO and founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey agreed. 

Dorsey backed up the commentary by Musk when he took to Twitter to share his thoughts after another user questioned if Musk’s commentary was accurate.  

“I do agree,” Dorsey wrote. “There are exceptions (CSE, illegal behavior, spam or network manipulation, etc), but generally permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work.” 


He pointed back to a statement from January 13, 2021, shortly after the platform banned  Trump, in which he showed some regret for the action. 

When Dorsey was immediately questioned about his logic and previous statements regarding the ban, he  appeared to double down on his support of Musk’s intended actions regarding Trump. 

He said, “it was a business decision, it shouldn’t have been[,] and we should always revisit our decisions and evolve as necessary. I stated in that thread and still believe that permanent bans of individuals are directionally wrong.”

Musk has stated that he wanted to buy Twitter to promote more free speech. Musk said Tuesday he thinks the platform should only ban accounts in rare cases. He stated during the online forum a ban would be utilized to remove bots, spammers, and scammers “where there’s just no legitimacy to the account at all.” Otherwise, he said, permanent bans “undermine trust.”

Musk did acknowledge that he does not yet own Twitter. He made sure to point out that any plans to reinstate Trump’s account are still theoretical.

“This is not like a thing that will definitely happen,” he said.

The commentary of Musk and Dorsey answers a question that has been lingering since Musk made his offer to purchase the platform in April. Many have wondered if he would reinstate users such as Trump. Musk has often said that he wanted to “unlock” the platform’s potential by easing what he sees as unfair restrictions on free speech.

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