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'It's Time': Jeremy Hambly Of 'The Quartering' To Leave YouTube, Will Stream New Daily Show On Rumble

'People Just Have To Put Their Foot Down Sometimes'

YouTuber Jeremy Hambly, who posts under the channel name The Quartering, announced he is leaving the platform for Rumble.

Hambly teased his announcement in a Monday night tweet.


On Tuesday, Hambly released a YouTube video titled, “YouTube Is No Longer My Home.”

“I’ve been somebody who has supported … who has championed … who has backed free speech,” Hambly introduced his Tuesday video. “I’ve been outspoken against platforms that censor, platforms that deboost, blacklist.”

Hambly said the practice was used by nearly all social media companies as far back as 2018, adding there was “light at the end of the tunnel” following Elon Musk’s late-2022 purchase of Twitter. The YouTuber also referenced alternative video streaming sites including Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

“There are more and more places that are no longer a place for just the outcasts,” he continued, referencing users who have previously been banned from social media platforms noting his own content was “middle of the road.”

“A very real option, a very real home for people that maybe have their own opinions that are not backed by the mainstream,” he continued. “One thing that’s been engrained in me since the beginning is my support of new tech … alternatives out there.”

Hambly noted the upcoming presidential election and Big Tech’s efforts to censor and limit reach of content, saying the practice was “scary.”

“The number one reason why new tech fails is because the groups of people … they fail to reach critical mass,” Hambly said, adding he has previously addressed the aversion to adopting new platforms. “When large voices in this space, voices that often talk about censorship, deboosting, blacklisting, shadow-banning … they still view new tech as the redheaded stepchild — it’s just a place for Alex Jones to go.”

“Big media does not, in my opinion, want new tech to succeed,” he continued. “The Twitter Files told us all we needed to know.”

Hambly said he previously has uploaded his content to multiple platforms to diversify his content’s reach.

“You can’t just walk away from everything, can you?” Hambley asked. “You have to take the plunge.”

“People just have to put their foot down sometimes.”


“People have to say, ‘You know what? I’m out.'”

Hambly said prior to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the YouTuber questioned why he remained on the platform saying he gave them “free content.”

“I’m moving to Rumble,” Hambly said, announcing he would stream a daily show on the YouTube competitor Monday through Friday.

“Sometimes it’s time … to put your foot down when you believe in something,” he said. “Be the change you want to see.”

Hambly confirmed his content will still populate to YouTube because “it’s still about getting the message out there,” although he won’t be streaming on the platform anymore.

Rumble announced Hambly’s new show in a Tuesday blog post.

“I have long supported free speech online and new tech that challenges the monopolistic hold of Youtube and Twitch on the online content world, so naturally I have been a huge supporter of Rumble since the start,” Hambly said of the partnership. “With the current climate of censorship and suppression online, it was time to put my money where my mouth was and make a bold move, one that I hope will inspire my peers to do the same because together we truly can make a difference.”

“Along with ‘The Kai N’ Speed Show,’ we are excited to also welcome the unique and offbeat social commentary of ‘TheQuartering’ to our growing lineup of gaming and cultural content,” said Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski. “There’s a reason ‘TheQuartering’ has a loyal fan base, and we’re excited to see our number of users continue to grow as more and more people come to Rumble for his bold and unfiltered content.”

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