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Israeli Study Finds Fourth Dose of COVID Vaccine Has Little Effect on Omicron

The landmark study, a first of its kind worldwide, is expected to reveal that a fourth dose of either Pfizer or Moderna has little effect.

A landmark Israeli trial is expected to show that four shots of vaccine didn’t stop infection by the Omicron variant, according to reports.

While the extra dose seemed to have some effect, infection rates in the study were not substantially different from those with three doses.

On Monday, the lead researcher, Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay, spoke to The Times of Israel about the study, giving her initial findings.

“The vaccine, which was very effective against the previous strains, is less effective against the Omicron strain,” Regev-Yochay said.

“We see an increase in antibodies, higher than after the third dose. However, we see many infected with Omicron who received the fourth dose,” she added.

“The bottom line is that the vaccine is excellent against the Alpha and Delta [variants], for Omicron, it’s not good enough,” Regev-Yochay concluded.

She said that it is still likely a good idea to give the fourth shot to those at higher risk. 

The hospital has not released more specific data as of now. Regev-Yochay said the research results are only preliminary. She told The Times of Israel she provided the initial information due to high public interest in the study.

If confirmed and vetted by other scientists after publication, the findings could bolster calls for the development of a new version of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have publicly stated that they have begun the development of new variations of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sheba Medical Center published a statement calling for “continuing the vaccination drive for risk groups at this time, even though the vaccine doesn’t provide optimal protection against getting infected with the variant.” The statement came just hours after the comments by Regev-Yochay were published.

The Health Ministry didn’t like the publication of the study’s initial results.

Despite the lack of data, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has pushed ahead with expanding Israel’s fourth dose program.

As of last week, more than 500,000 Israelis have been given a fourth dose. Last month, the Health Ministry began offering fourth vaccine shots to Israelis 60 and older, the immunocompromised, and medical workers.

Sheba’s trial program began in December with 150 medical staff being given the shot, a much smaller study than most drug trials. However, it is also the only known study of the effects of a fourth dose.

Israel has expected that the extra booster may help keep the Omicron variant from overwhelming hospitals and disrupting everyday life.

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7 responses to “Israeli Study Finds Fourth Dose of COVID Vaccine Has Little Effect on Omicron”

  1. DonRon says:

    You’re alright Pandusa

  2. Mrav2409 says:

    This doesn’t matter, because they have shifted the narrative from “it prevents covid” to “it prevents hospitalization & death, regardless of how compelling the study results are, they need to do a study of this magnitude that has three groups of healthy people under 40 comparing say 100,000 infections in each groups; 1 group has no vaccines at all
    1 group has had the original 2 vaccines
    1 group has the original 2 plus a booster
    The people in these groups need to be healthy people under 40 with no co-morbidities and say how many from each groups were hospitalized or died, that way we can see whether it is in fact justifiable to mandate it for people that are healthy. Then do another study that analyses the more at risk groups (people that have comorbidities or are over age 50) that would be even more interesting. I would argue the results would probably show a very low amount of hospitalizations or deaths and the second study I proposed, I would be interested to see the results because it seems that the people most at risk to vaccine side affects happen to be those that are also more at risk to covid.

  3. Wolv256 says:

    Arrest everyone from Pfizer

  4. 440Chry_ler says:

    Does anyone know where to find this study?

  5. pandusa says:

    What?Omicron? Resistant? Just like to the original vax (to an extent) and the 3rd booster ? Well, congrats science.
    Honest Scientist , Doctors, people with clinical and “antidotal” experience/common sense have been telling you that and being attacked and canceled. Glad you finally got the memo. At least now, we will have a study to stick in the face of Fouci-ism (which he will mitigate or ignore). And of course, pharma advises us they are working 24/7 to formulate the next vax to enforce mandate on us.
    Jimmy Dore had a good episode on to show you how periodically, hospitals have been overwhelmed for YEARS…before covid 19. And some reasons why. I knew that from when I use get pulled to med/surg (or anywhere else) from psych during flu season. I just didn’t know it was so nation wide.

  6. TuckR8 says:

    That’s how Democrat policies work. Gun control pretty clearly doesn’t work in the US, but the solution is always more gun control, while not addressing the underlying causes.
    Throwing money into the homeless problem isn’t working, so the solution is to throw even more money at the homeless problem, while not addressing the underlying causes.

  7. So they find out the variant is vaccine resistant and has little effect, and so the solution is to get more of the jab…..Seems legit. Move along. Nothing to see here.