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Influencers, Employees and Celebrities React To Musk Buying Twitter

Many said they would no longer be tweeting, while one user claimed Musk's 'free speech bid' could end in 'lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny'

Many prominent figures reacted with concern, fear, anger, and disbelief that Twitter’s Board accepted Musk’s offer to purchase the social media giant. 

In the hours following the news that Musk had successfully won his bid to take ownership of the tech platform, many users said they did not support the transaction, with many promising to leave the platform. 

Users expressed concerns over Musk’s idea of free speech, while others questioned his racial bias based on his origins in South Africa. Some employees of Twitter questioned the viability of the company’s future. 

One of the most prominent voices of dissent who shared their opinion on Twitter was Senator Elizabeth Warren, who called the move “dangerous.”

Talk radio host Dean Obeidallah speculated that future verifications on the platform might be related to a user’s skin color.

Before suspending his account, Shaun King, a prominent activist with ties to Black Lives Matter who tends to speak out during charged public events, said the following:  

“At its root, @ElonMusk wanting to purchase Twitter is not about left vs right. It’s about white power. The man was raised in Apartheid by a white nationalist. He’s upset that Twitter won’t allow white nationalists to target/harass people. That’s his definition of free speech.”

British actress Jameela Jamil announced she would abandon Twitter after Musk’s purchase, declaring that she would no longer be tweeting because his “free speech bid” would end in “lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny.” 

Hollywood veteran Rob Reiner referred to Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government, and expressed his unease that Musk might reinstate the former President’s account.

Employees of the social media platform took to Twitter on Monday to voice their willingness to leave the company. Some people inside the company expressed concern over their job stability as well. 

From a look at the posts from the company’s employees, it appears that some felt a sense of chaos as a result of the sale to Musk. 

On Monday, Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s current CEO, held a company-wide employee meeting to answer questions and share more details of the coming change of ownership.

Agrawal told employees that hiring and firing would be frozen for the time being. He also noted that he would remain as the CEO until the transaction was closed, which may take up to six months. The takeaway from the meeting is that very little immediate change would occur as the legal process transferred ownership to Musk.

Agrawal did give a brief statement regarding the purchase on Twitter, expressing his view of the company’s mission and teams. 

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