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Illinois Elementary School Offering 'After School Satan Club'

According to school district leadership, the club is being given the same access and opportunities as evangelical Christian groups

An elementary school in Illinois is offering an “After School Satan Club,” sponsored by the Satanic Temple of the United States.

The school district leadership is defending the so-called educational program.

The program, designed for children in grades first through fifth, will be taught by volunteers at The Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline. The club will meet five times this year, beginning on Thursday. Flyers circulating on social media offered further details.

According to the flyer, the club will include science projects, puzzles, games, arts and crafts, and nature activities. The flyer states that the club will help children learn “benevolence and empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, creative expression, and personal sovereignty.”

The Satanic Temple said the program is offered at select public schools where Good News programs exist. Members of the Temple say that they have no intention of converting children to Satanism.

“Proselytization is not our goal, and we’re not interested in converting children to Satanism. After School Satan Clubs will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us,” said the temple on its website.

“We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors.”

The flyer prompted a response from district leadership, who emphatically assured parents that no teachers from Jane Addams, or any other district teacher, are involved. 

“Flyers were not distributed to all students,” according to a letter from Rachel Savage, Moline-Coal Valley Schools Superintendent.

She said in her letter that the space rental was “not generated by the district and is not affiliated with Jane Addams or the district.”

According to the temple, a parent in the district reached out to the Satanic Temple’s after-school club. They told the group that the elementary school already offered a Christian club option and wanted to bring their program to the school to provide options and different worldviews, the superintendent said in her letter.

Thirty flyers were sent to the school and were placed in the school lobbies advertising the satanic club. This is the usual protocol for organizations and events at the school that are religious.

Savage further noted that the district permits community usage of its facilities and approves similar activities with local churches.

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6 responses to “Illinois Elementary School Offering ‘After School Satan Club’”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    As a youth, I would a loved being part of a “Satan” club, if not to just say I was in the “Satan” cub and thinking Devil drawings are cool.
    These days, not so much. lol

  2. Bellmorte81 says:

    If you want to teach critical thinking and such, teach philosophy, self reflection and awarenss, propaganda and manipulation as well as marketing and it’s tactics. If you want to teach religion, teach about all religions and thier histories and beliefs. If you’re gonna focus on 1 perticuluar religion I wouldn’t recommend sataniam which is a selfish self-serving religion to young children. For those parents who want to be “inclusive and diverse” I suggest you read Anton laveys books and maybe rethink you decision

  3. nrol34 says:

    Church and school are supposed to be separate. Around here no public school would allow religious clubs. I would fact check this article.

  4. HerrDoktor says:

    The only — ONLY — reason leftists aren’t screeching over the idea of teaching kids “…critical thinking, problem-solving, creative expression, and personal sovereignty” is because the group doing it is distinctly anti-Christian.
    Otherwise, imagine what the thought of critical thinking and personal sovereignty would do to a leftist.

  5. pandusa says:

    I told Renfield a joke my Mom told me when I was a teenager.
    A guy dies and goes to Hell. He notices he is naked and the Devil tells him he will not require clothes there. He says you will have your choice of three rooms to spend eternity in. The first room- are some people naked, standing on their heads on a concrete floor and a cold wind is blowing .The second room- is the same except there is a pillow between their head and the concrete. The third room-is there are more people than the other rooms,naked but they’re standing around drinking coffee and talking.The only bad thing is, they are smeared with feces and up to their mid leg calves in it. The dude decides this IS the best of the three and tells the Devil so. The Devil gives him the old” fish-eye”and says”are you sure”? The guy says “yes” and the Devil leaves. So the dude fixes himself a cup of coffee and figures he will introduce himself to some of the others. About that time the door flies open and the Devil appears, cracks his whip and says”That’s it – Coffee break is over… BACK ON YOUR HEADS”!
    I think the moral here is : you don’t play with evil, you don’t engage with, bargain or compromise with evil. Because the Devil is a TRICKSTER and a LIAR .
    And in the end…he ALWAYS gets paid.

  6. Viewtifuljoe says:

    This is the beauty of the marketplace of ideas if you want to join a group that names itself after a man who went around helping people there is a group for that but if you want to join a group named after the great deceiver here are your people.