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House Republicans 'Scream' At Gaetz, Florida Rep. Reportedly Almost In Physical Altercation

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy: 'The Whole Country I Think Would Scream At Matt Gaetz Right Now'

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was reportedly almost in a physical altercation with a fellow lawmaker during Thursday conference.

Fellow Florida Rep. Anna Pauline Luna reported the incident in a X post.

“Someone tried to fight Gaetz in conference,” she wrote Thursday afternoon.

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who was removed from the office of Speaker of the House after Gaetz spearheaded the effort to remove him earlier this month, confirmed a verbal altercation had occurred.

According to McCarthy, Gaetz interrupted the former Speaker while he was speaking during conference to which himself and other House Republicans shouted at the Florida Rep.

“I told him to sit down,” McCarthy said.

“I think the entire conference screamed at him,” the former Speaker told reporters. “The whole country I think would scream at Matt Gaetz right now.”

McCarthy took aim at Gaetz and seven other Republicans voting to oust him as Speaker earlier this month for the current House Republican in-fighting.

The former Speaker also repeated a previous statement claiming 4% of House Republicans overrode 96% of the conference’s support for McCarthy to remain Speaker of the House.

Gaetz originally opposed a McCarthy Speakership during January’s historically contentious Speaker vote. Fifteen ballots were cast before McCarthy secured Speakership

During January’s Speaker vote, Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers attempted to engage in a physical altercation with Gaetz after the Florida Rep. derailed one of McCarthy’s ballots.

Gaetz briefly spoke about the altercation on MSNBC on Thursday.

“I think his … passions are a little inflamed,” Gaetz said, though it was unclear who he was speaking in reference to. “I think he’s working through the stages of grief.”

One reporter asked if Illinois Rep. Mike Bost “lunged” at Gaetz during Thursday conference.

“I think he was pretty animated,” Gaetz responded. “I don’t know if I would describe it as a lunge.”

Another reporter asked what Gaetz said to cause McCarthy to yell at the Florida representative.

“Well, I don’t know,” Gaetz said.

“I said that I thought that having Speaker-lite was a bad idea,” he said of Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly’s resolution to grant Speaker Pro Tempore temporary expanded powers to move legislation. “I think Republicans ought to stay in our conference until we elect a Speaker.”

Gaetz concluded by reiterating his support for a Jordan Speakership.

The Florida representative has not directly addressed the alleged altercation as of Thursday afternoon.

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