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House Democrats Stop Energy Independence Bill, Block Keystone XL Pipeline

Democrats in the House of Representatives successfully blocked a Republican-sponsored “Energy Independence Bill” that worked to stop the U.S. from importing fossil fuels from Russia.

H.R.6858, also known as the American Energy Independence from Russia Act, would re-start the Keystone XL pipeline and other measures to drastically increase domestic energy production.

“House Dems just voted against a measure by [House Republicans] to consider the American Energy Independence from Russia Act — a critical bill that would unleash American energy production,” Rep. Stephanie Bice, R-Okla., tweeted Wednesday. “Clearly, Dems don’t care about solving our crushing energy crisis. Unbelievable!”

“This now marks the second time in as many weeks that Leger Fernandez and her radical left House Democrat allies have blocked a vote on securing energy independence,” an environmental engineer explained. “It is unacceptable and appalling. She is voting with special interests and against the interests of her constituents, of New Mexico, and of our nation.”

According to industry estimates, Russian oil accounts for 8% of U.S. oil imports. That number is significantly higher in European countries like Germany.

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