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'He's Become The Bully': Dave Landau Discusses Experience Working With Steven Crowder

'I Wasn't Treated As Talent, I Was Kinda Treated Like More Of A Nine To Five Employee'

Comedian Dave Landau commented on his experience working with fellow comedian and podcaster Steven Crowder during a Thursday podcast with Michael Malice.

Landau, who previously co-hosted and worked for Crowder on his podcast, Louder With Crowder, revealed Crowder’s stringent contracted business practices for employees on YOUR WELCOME, hosted by Malice.

“I wasn’t treated as talent, I was kinda treated like more of a nine to five employee,” he said, clarifying he didn’t mind being a “24-hour” employee.

“For somebody who always uses the term ‘moving the goal posts,’ that’s all it became.”


The comedian provided Malice with samples of his contract, including a strict tardy policy which reportedly only applied to Landau.

“Contractor agrees that if he arrives to work more than 5 minutes late, he is considered to be in breach of Section 1 and must leave Company Premises and will not be compensated for the day the breach occured,” reads the contract according to Landau.

Along with the 5-minute tardy policy, Crowder was also contractually obligated to promote the fellow comedians’ shows “once a week at a time and in a medium of Company’s discretion.”

Landau alleged Crowder did not uphold his agreement and the comedian subsequently lost money from ticket sales.

Among strict tardy policies and failed contractual agreements, Landau claimed one of Crowder’s contractual agreements included relocating his family to Dallas, Texas, where Louder With Crowder‘s studio is located.

“Whatever he has, and whatever he’s going through, I think he was bullied at some point in his life,” Landeau said of Crowder. “He’s become the bully and he doesn’t realize it.”

The comedian said he had also been criticized for sleeping on the job, which he said was a result of jet-lag from traveling.

“He’s got a lot of yes men around him, and I really do love his staff and I love working with them, but I think they are kind of just a little bit intimidated at this point to keep their own job,” he continued, conceding he felt the same way during his employment.

“There is part of him that I know is good, I’ve met that person, but then he does stuff behind your back that’s like this and you’re like, ‘Why are you doing this for power?'” Landau said.

In January, Crowder and conservative media outlet the Daily Wire were involved in a public feud over contract negotiations after the comedian alleged the outlet offered predatory terms in an initial negotiation. Crowder launched in protest of the outlet’s contract, while the Daily Wire released a video discussing the offered terms were always subject to Crowder’s red-lining.

In March, Crowder signed an exclusive deal to stream Louder With Crowder with alternative streaming service Rumble.

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