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Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Endorses Trump For President

'Our Country Has Never Needed Donald Trump More Than We Do Right Now'

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has endorsed former President Donald Trump for President in 2024.

Sanders made her endorsement during a Trump campaign rally in Hialeah, Florida on Wednesday.

The Arkansas governor, who served as Trump’s White House press secretary from 2017 to 2019, was reportedly holding off on making an endorsement for president until the state legislature had finished legislative matters in the state.

Trump’s rally was held in lieu of the former President attending the third Republican primary held in Miami last night.

“Our country has never needed Donald Trump more than we do right now,” Sanders told the Hialeah crowd. “Tonight, I am so proud to endorse my former boss, my friend, and everybody’s favorite president, Donald J. Trump.”

The former President took the stage after Sanders and thanked his former press secretary. Trump took aim at President Joe Biden and Democratic policies in his nearly 45-minute speech.

“Crooked Joe Biden and the radical Left Democrats are turning the United States into Communist Cuba, and you know because we have a lot of great Cubans here,” Trump said. “We have a lot of great Cubans here, and nobody ever did more for Americans that love Cuba than a gentleman named Donald J. Trump when he was president.”

Trump estimated about 15 million illegal immigrants will have entered the U.S. from the southern border by the end of President Joe Biden’s term. The former President also vowed to launch the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history” on day one if he wins the presidency.

“It means we’re going to have strong borders, great education, you’re going to be able to buy a house, we’re going to have interest rates come down, we’re going to have a great military, we’re going to have safety and security,” he continued. “It means everything. It means we’re going to have a country, because you’re not going to have a country left if we don’t win this election.”

Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo presented Trump with a road sign reading “President Donald J. Trump Avenue” and said he would propose renaming a street in the city after the former President.

Trump currently holds a 44.1-point lead over runner up Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, according to RealClearPolitics. DeSantis leads former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by 4.4 points followed by entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

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