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Georgia Republican Activist Files Paperwork Seeking DA Willis' Arrest

Brad Barnes: 'Hatred Of … Donald Trump Has Driven False Fanni To Weaponize Her Office And Pervert The Justice System’

Second Vice Chair candidate for Georgia GOP Brad Barnes filed paperwork with Fulton County Jail seeking the arrest of district attorney Fani Willis.

Brad Barnes is a Republican Party Activist and former candidate for Georgia State House District 13 based in Rome, Georgia.

He is also a defendant in the Rome Four case regarding violation of the First Amendment and weaponization of law enforcement concerning the suppression and arrest of protestors in Rome, Georgia this June. The case is scheduled to begin on Sept. 21.

“Hatred of one man, Donald Trump has driven False Fanni to weaponize her office and pervert the justice system against her political enemies,” Barnes wrote. “Our Republic stands on the precipice, either these charges placed on False Fanni’s insurrection against the rule of law prevail and those she targets walk free, or we will continue our rapid descent towards a banana republic.”

“Make no mistake her actions embolden and bolster the propaganda efforts of Russia, China, and tyrannical regimes all around the world while destroying the moral authority that has come at such great price to our country,” he added.

Barnes alleges Willis has violated her Oath by Public Officer, along with Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, and engaged in unprofessional conduct as Public Officers and Employees of the state.

“It’s very clear that [Willis] is using her public office to prosecute a political grudge,” Barnes said, referencing the Fulton County district attorney’s move to charge former President Donald Trump’s lawyers. “[It’s] a clear violation of the defendant’s, like Mr. Trump’s right to a redress of grievances under the First Amendment.”

Every individual charged, including Trump, is charged with one count of violating the RICO Act in Fulton County and elsewhere “to accomplish the illegal goal of allowing Donald J Trump to seize the presidential term of office, beginning on January, 2021,” said Willis.

Defendants have been given the opportunity to voluntarily surrender no later than noon on Aug. 25.

Yesterday, a series of defendants indicted by Willis surrendered themselves to Fulton County Jail, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“Whether you dislike or you like Donald Trump … they’re gonna come for you,” Giuliani warned.

He continued:

When the political winds shift, as they always do, let us pray that Republicans are more honest, more trustworthy, and more American than these people in charge of this government. Because if our government is conducted this way, and the system of justice is politicized and criminalized for politics, your rights are in jeopardy and your children’s. Donald Trump told you this: they weren’t just coming for him, or me. Now they’ve indicted people, in this case I don’t even know who they are.

“These are just regular people making a normal living. They’re going to bankrupt them. They won’t convict them.”

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