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GALLUP POLL: 17% of Americans ‘Satisfied with the Direction of the Country’

A new survey from Gallup shows just 17% of Americans are “satisfied with the direction of the country.”

The nationwide poll revealed 30% of Democrats believe the nation is headed in the right direction, compared to just 4% of Republicans.

“Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and record-high inflation, Americans’ satisfaction with the direction of the country has fallen to 17%, the lowest in a year. At the same time, Americans’ satisfaction with their own lives has ticked up to 85%, just five points shy of the 2020 record-high point,” writes Gallup.


“More generally, national satisfaction has exhibited far greater variation than personal satisfaction over the years. While personal satisfaction has ranged from 73% to 90% in Gallup’s periodic measures since 1979, national satisfaction, which Gallup now tracks monthly, has fluctuated between the record-high 71% in 1999 and the low of 10% recorded during the Great Recession in 2008,” adds the polling outfit.

According to the data, the biggest factors for personal satisfaction include education level, income, and attendance at religious services.

Read the full report here.

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