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Fulton County DA Considering Indicting Trump With Conspiracy, Racketeering Charges

Unnamed Source Tells CNN Criminal Charges Could Be Filed This Spring

While it remains unclear when New York authorities will arrest former President Donald Trump over an alleged payment made to an adult film actress, a source has told CNN that Georgia prosecutors are weighing the possibility of bringing conspiracy and racketeering charges over issues surrounding the 2020 election.

Investigators have been looking into whether criminal activity may have taken place in connection with efforts by the Trump team to determine if fraud occurred during that cycle.

Numerous irregularities plagued Georgia’s 2020 presidential race, including statistical anomalies like vote spikes, questions surrounding voting machine tampering, potential mail-in ballot fraud, and other issues including alleged falsified audit tally sheets.

Attorneys and staff for Trump sought to press Georgia officials to investigate these claims to determine if any activity took place in violation of state election laws.

CNN reports that state investigators have been scouring through “recordings of phone calls, emails, text messages, [and] documents” related to this activity, as well as testimony provided to a special purpose grand jury (SPGJ), which was disbanded after completing its work last month.

The special grand jury convened for roughly seven months and weighed testimony from 75 witnesses before recommending multiple indictments in its final report.

On Mar. 20, Trump’s attorneys entered a 51-page court filing asking a judge to quash the final report, prevent evidence from the special grand jury from being used by prosecutors in a case against Trump, and disqualify the district attorney’s office from continuing any prosecutorial actions.

“Accordingly, President Donald J. Trump hereby moves to quash the SPGJ’s report and preclude the use of any evidence derived therefrom, as it was conducted under an unconstitutional statute, through an illegal and unconstitutional process, and by a disqualified District Attorney’s Office who violated prosecutorial standards and acted with disregard for the gravity of the circumstances and the constitutional rights of those involved,” Trump’s attorneys wrote.

CNN’s source says that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could make a decision on formal charges as soon as this spring.

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