French Court Convicts 11 People for Cyberbullying Teen Who Criticized Islam

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

French courts found 11 people guilty of cyberbullying a teenager who castigated Islam on social media.

The teenage victim had to change schools twice and receives daily police protection. Identified only as Mila, the then 16-year-old posted videos on her Instagram and TikTok criticizing Islam and the Quran. She described herself as an atheist. 

She received over 100,000 threatening messages, including death threats and rape threats. 

In total, 13 people were prosecuted in the trial. the defendants were sentenced to suspended prison terms of four to six months and fined them about $1,770 each. Their ages range from 18- to 35-years-old.  

AP News reported “the 13 defendants from around France came from various backgrounds and religions and were but a handful of all the people who went after Mila with online comments. The others could not be tracked down.” 

One case was dismissed because the person’s statements were directed at Mila’s twitter account rather than the teen personally. 

What I want is that those (who harass) be considered a plague and ought to be forbidden access to social networks … those who cyberbully, who threaten with death, who deprive one of their freedom and who incite one to suicide,” Mila said to the media after the verdict.  

The landmark case “was the first of its kind since France created a new Paris court in January to prosecute online crimes, including harassment and discrimination,” reported ABC News. 

Freedom of expression is a protected right in France, which is a secular country. The case still became embroiled in a debate over permitted speech. French President Emmanuel Macron publicly supported the teen’s “right to blasphemy.” In contrast, her videos were deemed anti-Muslim hate speech by former Socialist president François Hollande. 

A legal complaint was made in January 2020 accusing the teen of inciting racial hatred. Due to the lack of evidence, the authorities dropped any investigation.  

“The ruling on the Mila case came a day after another French court ordered Twitter to give activists full access to all of its documents relating to its efforts to fight racism, sexism and other forms of hate speech on the social network,” said French 24 

Now 18, Mila said in court “I don’t like any religion, not just Islam.” 

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13 responses to “French Court Convicts 11 People for Cyberbullying Teen Who Criticized Islam”

  1. crawfishies says:

    This is the Movie “Minority Report”

  2. Inspectorwilliams says:

    Incitement to violence is illegal.

  3. Inspectorwilliams says:

    She criticized Islam and the Holy Quran dude.

    She was receiving death threats. You have to remember that the most extreme wing of Muslim extremists think that rape is a valid punishment for anyone who blasphemes against Islam. Considering the story Fairbanks published earlier about a Texas woman being forced to be subject to a Sharia Tribunal in her divorce, simply because it was in her prenup….youre giving far too consideration to Islamic extremism across the world.

  4. Inspectorwilliams says:

    Imagine not being able to pick up your phone without recieve 100 messages every few hours telling you to off yourself, I’m going to rape you, you’re a piece of shit etc etc etc.

    I think your opinion would differ. Children commit suicide because they think the world is against them an no one loves them. Things are hard enough, especially for young girls at the age of 16. They go through terribly difficult hormonal changes and it really doesn’t take much to push a child over the edge. Literally and figuratively.

  5. Qwerty1 says:

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s right to prosecute people even for death threats if they are just blowing off steam. The requirements for a crime indicate that there must be means, motive and opportunity. If a man has the means, like a sword, the motive, like political Terrorism, but no opportunity, like being a blind man living in another country, they should not be charged with a crime. Unpopular opinion, I know, but these laws are too strict and to a certain extent, surreal!

  6. I would like to see some context into what was actually said to this girl. Maybe they just told her she was dumb and she decided it was a death threat. We all know that happens here in the good ol u.s.of.a.

  7. henk says:

    imagine putting someone in prison for speaking lol

  8. TheDarkworld says:

    I have a raging anti Islamist boner right now

  9. sovereignknight says:

    This will just embolden these people. They will be radicalized in that prison and feel like it was worth it. That, their government is persecuting them, just for speaking. They won’t, technically, be wrong. It will just continue until France has a civil war.

    Macron is a puppet. Always was, there is a tiny, tiny, minuscule, chance that he actually decided that “WOKENESS” is destroying France. In understanding this, he chose to throw away everything he has been building, bet on populism, and the Greatness of what France is and can be. By buck and bite his Masters. haha… yeah that is the definition of Hopeium. Maybe though, life likes to be interesting, throws curve balls. No matter how many fancy predictions you have.

  10. Well when you put yourself out their like that. Then make statements that you know will make waves, then what do you expect. Now this in no way means the actions of the others involved are okay. Then again this is a different nation and not America. I mean we are working on doing this kind of thing in America or at least we all know of a few groups that would love this.

  11. Itstoearly says:

    The problem with banning “hate speech” is that whoever is in charge will inevitably label anything critical of them as such

  12. thestraightfrenchguy says:

    solid macron

  13. “Hate Speech” is still free speech…

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