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Fox News Encourages Employees To Celebrate Pride, Implements 'Woke' AI

Former Fox News Employee: 'The Ship Is Sinking ... They hate conservatives and especially religious people'

Legacy media outlet Fox News is encouraging employees to celebrate Pride.

Timcast News spoke with one former Fox News employee who referred to the outlet as a sinking ship.

“Lot[s] of people are leaving. Morale is low. Management fired Tucker and promotes glory holes for a reason,” the former employee said. “They hate conservatives and especially religious people.”

According to internal documents from the outlet’s parent company Fox Corp obtained by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, the outlet is encouraging employees to read about “glory holes” and throw support behind organizations providing hormones to homeless youth, along with deploying “woke” artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor employees.

Upon logging into their employee portal, Fox News workers are met with a brief history of Pride and the inception of the Pride Flag, adopted in 1978, along with the redesigned progress Pride Flag introduced by Daniel Quasar.

Employees are also encouraged to “support one another” as the legacy media outlet provides links to make monetary contributions to “LGBTQIA+” organizations including The Trevor Project, National Center for Transgender Equality, Rainbow Railroad, Ali Forney Center, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

The Trevor Project hosts chat rooms which connect  LGBTQI+ youth as young as 13 years old with “LGBT” adults.

Employees are also encouraged to download Pride-themed Slack avatars and Zoom backgrounds for business meetings.

The Ali Forney Center, which also highlights their focus on LGBTQI+ youth, has previously advertised that the organization provides “life-saving services like hormone replacement therapy” for young people in a March 2021 tweet.

“We offer hormone treatment to our transfeminine and transmasculine and gender-nonconforming clients via our on-site medical clinic,” reads a section detailing services offered on the organization’s website.

Walsh noted the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which Fox referred to as “unstoppable,” previously posted a video of a mother “surprising” her “trans daughter” with a dose of hormones in a now-deleted YouTube video.

Employees are also encouraged to “expand [their] perspective” with a provided list of LGBTQI+ books including Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, Fairest by Merideth Talusan, and the children’s book It’s Okay to be a Unicorn! by Jason Tharp.

Fairest details a “glory hole,” a hole in a wall or partition to facilitate in the observation or participation of sexual activity with someone on the opposite side.

“You slide your c— through and someone on the other side gives you head,” reads an excerpt from one of the books.

Talusan’s book further details an explicit scene in which the characters engage in oral sex.

Red, White, and Royal Blue depicts a fictional homosexual relationship between the Prince of Wales and the president’s son which contains dialogue referring to America as a “genocidal empire.”

McQuiston’s novel similarly details a scene featuring characters engaging in sexual activity.

Fox news also provides a list of TED talks focusing on other LGBT topics and LGBT-centered podcasts.

Employees are also encouraged to attend a Pride event hosted by ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s along with the legacy media outlet at Fox News’ New York headquarters on June 23.

The outlet has also implemented AI program Eskalera, which implements an Inclusion Index designed to monitor “inclusive culture.”

Eskalera’s Inclusion Index is aimed at “real-time measurement of a company’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts,” reads a 2020 Venture Beat article discussing the AI. Eskalera also offers “solutions and actionable steps to improve a company’s inclusiveness.”

Employees of Fox News were instructed to sign up for Eskalera to “engage in activities that will deepen [their] understanding of identity [and] explore more nuanced D&I conepts.”

Eskalera aggregates information from sources including email and payroll systems within Fox News to generate a “peer comfort” and “diversity” index monitoring employees’ practice of “micro-affirmations.”

Corporate officers can “leverage those insights to engage them with career growth opportunities or community programs.”

The program further calculates “attrition cost” by locating “medium risk” and “high risk” employees.


“All of the woke indoctrination Fox pushes on its employees seems to have succeeded. Some Fox News employees are openly hostile to their audience,” Walsh wrote, providing a censored image of one employee’s Instagram page featuring pronouns in the account bio.

The employee has also expressed animosity toward users critical of the incorporation of children in drag shows saying, “When are you hicks going to be honest about who the real problem is?”

The unnamed employee has also expressed support for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group which reportedly mocks observers of the Catholic faith.

“Do the executives and owners just not know what’s happening in their company?” asked Walsh. “Are they trying to comply with some onerous New York State Law? Do they not care? Do they actually support this nonsense?”

Walsh suggested the legacy media outlet’s audience deserves to know Fox News’ internal efforts to influence employees.

“Or maybe Fox leadership isn’t concerned with how the audience feels because they’re not really beholden to those viewers at all,” he said, referring to Fox News’ investors which include BlackRock and the Vanguard Group. “These massive funds consolidate the wealth of millions of Americans, and then use their combined voting power to pursue a radical agenda most of those Americans oppose.”

“They are Fox’s real customers. And they’re getting exactly what they want,” he concluded.

Fox News has not responded to Walsh’s reporting as of Thursday evening.

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