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Former Afghan Interpreter Fatally Shot By San Francisco Police After Charging at Officer With a Knife

A former Afghan interpreter for U.S. special forces was fatally shot by police in San Francisco after charging at an officer with a knife on Friday morning.

Police have now released video of the incident, which shows Ajmal Amani, 41, threatening several people with the large kitchen knife before police arrived.

“Amani was a former Afghan interpreter for U.S. special forces who had been shot several times during more than five years of service and struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder, his former lawyer, his case manager and a property manager told the San Francisco Chronicle,” a report from ABC News explains. “Amani was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2019 for allegedly slashing a city park ranger with a box cutter who said he appeared to be in an ‘altered mental state.'”

Following the incident with the park ranger, Amani was ordered to undergo mental health diversion. He completed that this year and was living in a hotel room rented out by the city.

On Friday morning, police were called to the hotel for a disturbance. Amani was reportedly “screaming and yelling and had a knife.” ABC News reports that his case manager had also called police, saying that he was having “a really bad episode.”

On Wednesday, police released the surveillance video and footage from officers’ body cameras. A man can be seen trying to fend him off with a broom.

Scott Grant, a deputy public defender who represented Amani, said he was “utterly devastated” by what happened and his client’s death.

“His tragic death is a failure of our systems of government here to support somebody who risked his life to support this country,” Grant told KTVU-TV.

Amani was shot in both the stomach and his leg. He succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.


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16 responses to “Former Afghan Interpreter Fatally Shot By San Francisco Police After Charging at Officer With a Knife”

  1. Moiseevy1 says:

    “From Afghanistan with Love”

  2. StMyles2 says:

    Knew this was going to happen..

  3. Well the cops did what the left wants. He was shot in the leg instead of the head. See it doesnt work.

  4. saccaed says:

    I did the same. Luckily not before wasting 60 years of my life on the state. Between the marked decline of the state over the last 20 years and the California seniors that too many of dislike the state and continue to stay. Interesting how I leave and suddenly a handful of people I know start thinking the same after years of downplaying issues the state seems addicted to not solving.

  5. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    It took one seconds watching this video for me to understand why the officers did not take a beanbag shotgun into the scenario.

    Time and distance, The officers could only go backwards, narrow hallway. I would bet they already knew the apartment building design.

    I spent 29 years as a police officer in a communist democrat city of over 3.5 million. I’m retired now, and can speak my mind.

    Turn the movie channel off/stop watching Hollywood police dreamworld movies, get your ass off the couch, and into the police academy, get trained, and get out on the street for at least five years in a shit-hole part of the city-experience will come fast if you can handle the stress. After you have seen some things; then you will be qualified to make an educated comment from the perspective of the officers.

    If you don’t have the testicles to do that; take a Krav Maga class and ask to do some edge weapons training from the perspective of a police officer and the receiving end of that knife.

  6. M-i-squared says:

    Not even Pelosi wants to stay in the city she crapped all over, she just bought a mantion in Florida. I grew up in the Bay Area, as teens we would take the BART into SF in the 80’s Can’t imagin walking SF now.

  7. Wyomingmomma says:

    1 marine @ Afghanistan lived @ 30 miles down the road. Biden needs to be in Guatonomo Bay now!

  8. Wyomingmomma says:

    Agreed. Have so many fond memories of San Francisco. Ghirardelli Square, the warf, sidewalk art. My mother went to high school, got married in St Bridgettes. Most of California has turned into a cesspool. Left California after 64 yrs to be safe in the reddist of states.

  9. Gorilla56 says:

    “His tragic death is a failure of our systems of government here to support somebody who risked his life to support this country,” Grant told KTVU-TV.”
    Said part of that government system…

  10. Gorilla56 says:

    Grant is part of that system… irony.

  11. Minnetonka4me says:

    You have to love that this happens in the biggest failure Democrat city. Even having a “case manager” aka progressive social police officer couldn’t diffuse the situation.

    Also just to say it, that’s what you get for police when no one wants to work in that city. If that officer that had the shotgun with presumably a beanbag round would have shot early allowing the other officer to give it a second to see if the beanbag would stop… Maybe he would still be alive.

    Gotta love the utter failure of San Francisco. You couldn’t pay me to visit that shithole. Literally.

  12. striker3 says:

    He’d been here for years already. He was not someone who was evacuated this summer.

  13. HerrDoktor says:

    California police are still allowed to have guns??

  14. pandusa says:

    Scott Grant a deputy public defender for Armani says “This is a failure of our system of government to support somebody that risk his life for this country.” (paraphrased) Well Scott…at least he GOT here. How about the 12 military killed and all the people LEFT to the Taliban? Including American citizens told to TRY to make it to a neighboring country for evacuation by their State Dept. BTW the same State Dept. that allegedly interfered with civilian/ex- military efforts to evacuate them. Failure of government indeed… all around.

  15. Devilsgun says:

    He could probably have lived a decent enough life in Afghanistan and not been killed by cops if Resident Bumbles hadn’t fucked up the withdrawal from that shithole and destabilized shit beyond repair.

    Obama was right to say “Never underestimate his (Joe “Bumbles/Child-sniffer/daughter-soaper” Biden)’s ability to fuck things up”… Should have listened, Karen. Oh, but hey at least the tweets are nice now aren’t they? Fuckup

  16. MontyLalado says:

    Lets bring more of em over, religion of peace right?