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Five Times August Releases Cover Of 'In The Sun' With Joseph Arthur

Brad Skistimas: 'It was a real treat reimagining the song with the man who originally wrote it'

Singer and songwriter Brad Skistimas, who appears under the stage name Five Times August, has released a cover of “In The Sun” with fellow singer and songwriter Joseph Arthur.

“In The Sun” was originally recorded and released by Arthur on his second studio album Come To Where I’m From, released in 2000, though Arthur had performed the song during live shows as early as 1996.

Since it’s 2000 release, the song has been covered by a series of recording artists.

It was a real treat reimagining the song with the man who originally wrote it, and I hope you all enjoy it,” Skistimas wrote of the new release with Arthur. “It’s message is more important than ever – May God’s Love Be With You, Always.

The song is available on all streaming services.

“Many of you probably already know the song, as it’s been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, and versions recorded by Chris Martin of Coldplay and Michael Stipe of REM, as well as Peter Gabriel,” Skistimas said of the new release. “It’s a stone cold classic and an honor and pleasure to have made a brand new version with the man who wrote it.”

Arthur said Skistimas and himself recorded “a new version” of the song “for the times.”

“My respect for Brad is massive. Both as a songwriter and a friend,” Arthur wrote. “He had the idea of doing a version when we were playing some shows in the UK. Oi! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Strange haunted and hopeful and a bastion of peace and yearning for God in These troubled times.”

“Maybe even an anthem for peace,” he concluded. “Follow Brad’s link and pre save it. Much love!! And of. Course [sic] May Gods live be with you always.”

In another X post, Skistimas said a silver lining of this “dark, tragic, and weird time” was outspoken artists finding each other.

We’re not just creating our own art now but we are beginning to collaborate with one another. That’s very exciting,” Skistimas said. “It means culture no longer has to lean on the past and all the artists and entertainers that have let us down in recent years. A fresh new path is being forged. New art. Not just in music, but in film, in comedy, and illustration, too. All mediums. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

In October, Skistimas released “Ain’t No Rock And Roll” with Nashville-based Baste Records, which brands itself as the “counter culture to cancel culture.” The track was Baste Records’ debut release.

The track features a super-group ensemble of fellow artists including former drummer for The Offspring Pete Parada. Ira Dean, who has previously worked with Staind lead singer and country artist Aaron Lewis, plays bass guitar on the new track accompanied by former Tom Petty and Joe Walsh guitarist Tom Bukovac and former member of Bob Seger’s band Jim “Moose” Brown playing keys.

The music video features images of legacy rock stars including Gene Simmons of KISS, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters among others. The images of legacy acts are accompanied by previous headlines and quotes from the performers as they threw support behind government mandates, performed shows exclusively for the vaccinated, and shunned fans who questioned government mandates.

Skistimas rose to notoriety after releasing a series of folk songs throughout the COVID-19. The songs, while not explicitly addressing politics or the pandemic, featured social commentary on the United States and culture.

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