FDA Records Obtained By Judicial Watch Show Purchases of Fetal Organs, Heads and Tissue for ‘Humanized Mice’ Project

Judicial Watch has released 198 pages of records and communications from the Food and Drug Administration on “humanized mice” research that used the body parts of aborted fetuses.

The documents include communications and contracts between the FDA and human fetal tissue provider Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) on the project which used fetal heads, organs and tissue.

Judicial Watch noted that most of the records are communications and related attachments between Perrin Larton, a procurement manager for ABR, and research veterinary medical officer Dr. Kristina Howard of the FDA.

The organization has been fighting for these records for years, including filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Their lawsuit had requested all contracts and related documentation on disbursement of funds, procedural documents and communications between FDA and ABR for the provision of human fetal tissue to be used in humanized mice research.

A federal court sided with Judicial Watch and forced HHS to release information about their purchases of organs and body parts harvested from aborted human fetuses — including the line item prices, or how much the government paid for the remains.

Judicial Watch reported:

The records include an FDA generated contract with ABR, based on a “requisition” it issued on July 27, 2012, for $12,000 worth of “tissue procurement for humanized mice,” indicates the requisition was for a “non-competitive award.” Although the initial award was for $12,000, the total estimated amount of funds allocated for the requisition was $60,000. Under “Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition,” the FDA writes:

Scientists within the FDA and in the larger field of humanized mouse research have searched extensively over the past several years and ABR is the only company in the U.S. capable of supplying tissues suitable for HM research. No other company or organization is capable of fulfilling the need.

The estimated costs were reported to be “$230 per tissue x two tissues per shipment = $460 plus $95 shipping = $555 per shipment. A total of 21 shipments = $11,655.00.”

In April, 2013, a document titled “Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract” revealed the FDA purchasing fetal livers and thymuses from ABR, billing $580 per liver/thymus set, but later paying a unit price of $685.

A January 1, 2013, “Fees for Services Schedule” document listed prices as follows:

“The fees for services schedule also includes ‘Special Processing/Preservation’ of the fetal parts, such as ‘Tissue ‘Cleaning,’ ‘Snap freezing’ and ‘Passive freezing (Dry ice),’ Judicial Watch reported.

You can read the full set of documents here.

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  2. UppityG says:

    Rhetorical or not, said type of mouse was used by Pfizer and the other pharmas to develop and test the mRNA vaccine. If you have taken the vaccine, I feel sorry for you.

    I’m disgusted by the monster of a federal govt our mass taxation — with representation, no less — that not only allows it, but actively seeks to make it possible.

    That’s because our electeds stopped listening to us a long, long time ago. They can’t hear us over the thunderous roar of all the money the Big Tech and Big Pharm companies wave in their faces.

    They’ll insist that’s not true… but then they never tell us what is true.

  3. UppityG says:


    That’s all it costs to buy a baby boy or a baby girl killed by their own mother, with a doctor’s help.

    Thanks to these men, we have granted ourselves the right to murder our own while they’re too young to successfully fight us off:

    1973 SCOTUS Roe v Wade Texas case “Justices” Blackmun, joined by Burger, Douglas, Brennan, Stewart, Marshall, and Powell.

    Only two dissented: White, joined by Rehnquist.

    500 measly bucks…

    This is my, our, conscientious objector exemption from the covid vaccines. Forever.

  4. Alexeem says:

    What the fuck. ‘humanized mouse’ means… That was a rhetorical question. This is… just sick.

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