Family Kicked Out of New York Pizza Shop for Not Being Vaccinated, Nobody Defends Them

A video has gone viral of a family with small children being kicked out of Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn for not being vaccinated.

Other diners not only ignored what was happening — but supported it.

Ray Velez, the man in the confrontation, posted a video of the incident to his Instagram page, @savingsovereignty, on Tuesday.

“Juliana’s pizza in Brooklyn Discriminates. The world needs to see the ugly face of segregation. @julianaspizza you my friends need to wake up, I told I would expose your business for it’s participation in the modern day segregation. Share this far and wide everyone discrimination will not be tolerated,” Velez captioned the video.

The so-called “Key to the City” went into effect this week, requiring New Yorkers to show a vaccine passport to enter restaurants, museums, gyms and other entertainment venues.

Video of the incident begins when Velez and his family are seated at a table and asked to provide their vaccine cards.

“So you’re going to enforce segregation because we just told you that we’re religiously exempt,” Velez says.

“You told us you had your vaccination card,” the employee replies.

“I never told you any of that. I would never say that,” Velez argues. “We don’t have to leave.”

Other customers were not sympathetic to Velez.

“Everybody’s in here okay setting segregation in society, everybody’s okay with that?” Velez asks diners. “Oh, we don’t have our vaccine cards so now the kids can’t eat? We can’t eat, you guys are okay with that? Is this the America you want to live in?”

Customers can be heard responding “yes,” and one even flips him off.

“No, f**k you! You see, you’re not American. That’s why you need to get the f**k out of here if you’re not American,” Velez shouts as the situation escalates. “Get the f**k out of here! This is America, and in America, everybody can eat. Everybody can eat in America, alright? This is not segregation. This is America, you need to wake up!”

The restaurant replied to the incident on Twitter, saying “we take the health and safety of our customers seriously. We also face steep fines if we violate City Hall’s order. We are permitted to and do accommodate unvaccinated individuals for outdoor, socially distanced dining & takeout. We appreciate your understanding & support.”

Timcast has reached out to the restaurant to ask about their policy for medical exemptions — and if they are also forced to dine outside.

We will update this article if a response is provided.

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7 responses to “Family Kicked Out of New York Pizza Shop for Not Being Vaccinated, Nobody Defends Them”

  1. TuckR8 says:

    I’m up for staging a sit-in against businesses that discriminate.

  2. prcntm says:

    In regards to the response the restaurant made via Twitter: I am glad you take the health and safety of your customers seriously, but there’s a difference between things you can do as a business to mitigate health risks and literally forcing your customers to undergo a very personal procedure that only protects that single individual and does next to nothing for the other customers just to get through the front door.

    There seems to be a harsh dissonance in what non-individual entities, such as businesses and governments, are allowed to do. They are allowed to act in an non-individualistic way, such as requiring employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom or before touching food, or adhering to specific standards with regard to their services or supplies that make it safer for customers to operate and consume their products. But I feel like their authority ends where their customers’ individual lives and freedoms are concerned. The companies and governments should be taking actions that keep the environment the customers occupy safe. They shouldn’t be mandating things that act upon the customers themselves.

    I guess this makes me libertarian… oh, sorry. I mean: “Far Right”.

  3. UppityG says:

    Immigrants, legal and illegal, continue to dazzle themselves with the American Dream and fall for how the maoists of NYC do it. They’ll hang on, hang on, hang on until there’s no denying that the American Dream stopped existing there a long, long time ago. When they started voting for communist scammers like DeBlasio. They keep falling for people who make them promises. We all keep falling for our electeds empty promises.

    I hope Julianas Pizza tanks, and the Velez family got a good meal elsewhere.

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck Juliana’s Pizza. Boycott them and never eat there.

  5. EchosandWhisper says:

    What really burns them is when he keeps bringing up the “marches”. If I was there I would immediately assume this dude was talking about BLM.

    I hope this situation steels their resolve and they take those kids far away from New York.

  6. Rawdog says:

    And that would be why the government was able to pull off OPERATION KEELHAUL…
    Its happening again…
    None of you will do what is necessary…start playing fiddles…

  7. Devilsgun says:

    So not being a cucked, obedient little bitch makes you an ‘American’ these days?

    These big, tough talking New York cunts are *officially* completely delusional, and they gave up on being anything but obedient little fucking bitches ages ago. Fuck ’em. They couldn’t last outside of their filthy, stinking concrete prison-hutches because they’re born and bred soft dick urban cunts, raised like meat rabbits to be soft, easily scared, and easy to kill/gut/process when .gov gets hangry enough.