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Elon Musk Named Time Person of the Year, Magazine Calls Him 'Clown, Genius, Edgelord, Visionary...'

Time Magazine has named Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as their Person of the Year for 2021.

Musk became the third person ever to be worth $200 billion in September, according to Forbes, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest private individual. His fortune may soon hit $300 billion thanks to the rising price of Tesla stock.

“I’m sending a giant statue of the digit ‘2’ to Jeffrey B., along with a silver medal,” Musk wrote an email to Forbes about the announcement.

In their article honoring Musk, Time Magazine referred to the billionaire as an “edgelord” and a “blue-skinned man-god.”

“This is the man who aspires to save our planet and get us a new one to inhabit: clown, genius, edgelord, visionary, industrialist, showman, cad; a madcap hybrid of Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, the brooding, blue-skinned man-god who invents electric cars and moves to Mars,” the article gushed.

Musk gained the ire of many liberal political commentators, who were outraged by him being honored, because he often speaks out against taxes.

“They’re basically saying they want control of the assets,” Musk said in an interview with TIME. “This does not result in, actually, the good of the people. You want those who are managing capital to be good stewards of capital. And I think the government is inherently not a good steward of capital.”

Last month, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders demanded the wealthy pay what they owe in taxes, to which Musk replied: “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.”

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