Dr. Fauci Spent $424,000 to Have Beagle Puppies Bitten to Death By Flies

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health spent nearly a half a million dollars torturing beagle puppies for controversial research.

According to documents obtained by White Coat Waste using the Freedom of Information Act, Fauci spent $424,000 to commission a study in which healthy beagles were given an experimental drug and intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.

The researchers are developing infections in 28 beagles and allowing them to suffer for three months before being euthanized.

“The dog experiments are set to be completed by January 2022, however, the task order states that the beagles are to be euthanized 196 days after the start of the study. According to emails obtained by WCW, the study began on Nov. 12, 2020, meaning the beagles would have been scheduled to be euthanized in June 2021,” the Daily Caller reports.

The report from WCW explains that “records show that the dogs were ‘vocalizing in pain’ during the experiments.”

The animal rights organization also noted that experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….” Meaning that this painful research is completely unnecessary.

“These aren’t the only sick experiments on dogs that Fauci has funded. In 2016, WCW exposed how his NIH division was using tax dollars to buy beagle puppies and strapping capsules full of infected flies to their bare skin,” WCW reports.

Fauci and the NIH have also been under fire for using American tax dollars to fund the Wuhan Animal Lab’s coronavirus experiments on bats and other animals.

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16 responses to “Dr. Fauci Spent $424,000 to Have Beagle Puppies Bitten to Death By Flies”

  1. Ric69420 says:

    Fauchi is such a dispicable piece of garbage. I can’t wait for Nuremberg 2.0 where fauchi is tried for his crimes. This scumbag is an absolute waste of oxygen

  2. ChetF says:

    This sounds absolutely horrible but is also very one sided. Not that i expect Cassandra to get a quote from Fauci on this one but at least some kind of explanation seems warranted just so show some semblance of both sides in the story.

  3. Rawdog says:

    Don’t have enough money to pay down the debt but PLENTY of money to torture…

  4. Younser says:

    I get what you saying.. but Puppies euthanized due to suffering caused by fauci funded fly experiment isn’t quite as succinct. At the end of the day the puppies were killed because of the damage from fly bites.

  5. Bignate says:

    Well said. He is a cuck from Cukistan. I want to beat him with a baby seal bat and let him live in pain for weeks. Then do it again harder.

  6. SaltyGranny says:

    If there’s one person on this earth at the present time that deserves to be strapped naked to a cold metal table and have every kind of fu’ed “experiment” he’s ever had his disgusting hand in, performed back on him, SLOWLY, it’s Fauci!
    That little cretin is a disgusting excuse for a human being. At the moment, he has 5000 grants extended to China, of OUR money! If he’s doing this ish here in the US, and he already did covid in China, what ELSE is he doing over there? Wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t torturing some of the yuigure people. (Sorry for the misspelling)
    Thanks Cassandra, for the story. You rock!
    #AntiPeta ❣️❣️

  7. SaltyGranny says:

    Do you need someone to make sure you don’t run out of lead? 😁

  8. Devilsgun says:

    Anyone that would do this to beagles, which are by far more innocent than pretty much any human alive, would do even more evil things to human beings and have zero remorse about it

  9. Night_Coder says:

    I feels as if the title is misleading here. The article states they were euthinized, but the title says they were bitten to death.

  10. Kotard says:

    I like dogs more than humans. Once the world collapses I already have ideas for people who torture dogs 😡

  11. UppityG says:

    Until we stop handing over our money to the Federals, they will continue to do shit like this and get away with it, because they will keep ignoring our demands. It used to be that our Press would investigate this malfeasance precisely because it’s unethical, cruel and unnecessary. But no, now the 4th Estate has become the 5th Column. We have no allies in our own govts nor the Press. And beagle puppies and human babies least of all, clearly.

  12. CaptainCookie says:

    The people in our governments are absolutely evil. For everything that fauci has done, he should be tried and put on death row by the courts. We know that it won’t happen though. Things like this are why people paying attention in western countries are going insane.

  13. Wolv256 says:

    Sure, we spent half a million dollars and thousands of puppies needlessly suffered, but at least now we have developed an efficient way to torture puppies. Now after the giant fleet of human-puppy Chinese chimera’s attack us and we capture one and need advanced interrogation techniques to extract information to halt the upcoming terrorist attack, we’ll be prepared. See without research like this we would only be able to waterboard the Chinese human-puppy chimera army. Well, what if they breed gills into them? Now we’re prepared. Makes perfect sense.

    2021, you suck.

  14. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    Fuck me, this is happening NOW?? I was expecting to hear about this being from years ago, given how long that useless POS has been in government. #fauxciaintadoctor

  15. Caleb_Fowler666 says:

    Goddamn Cassandra Fairbanks!!! I feel bad for the people that fuck with you…… oh and btw dr fauci is a cuck pos

  16. JeDalton says:

    What the hell? This is crazy and shows why clarity in spending federal money is so important.