Dozens of Chicago Police Turn Their Backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot at Hospital After Two Officers Shot

Dozens of Chicago cops turned their backs to Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the University of Chicago Medical Center after two officers were shot in the city.

The shooting left Ella French, a 29-year-old new mom, dead and a male officer in critical condition.

French died Saturday night at the University of Chicago Medical Center after the officers were both shot during a traffic stop.

When Mayor Lightfoot arrived to the seventh floor of the hospital, approximately 30 law enforcement officers turned their backs to her.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that “Lightfoot tried to talk to the male officer’s father, who himself is a retired Chicago police officer. He clearly wanted nothing to do with Lightfoot, according to two sources who were there.”

“The father excoriated the mayor and blamed her for what had happened. One source said Lightfoot handled herself well as the father yelled at her. She listened and treated him with respect,” the report continues. “It was then suggested that Lightfoot say a few words to nearby grieving officers, but as she approached, they all walked away from her and to the other side of a bank of chairs — and turned their backs, the sources said.”

“They did the about-face — it looked like it had been choreographed,” said one of the sources present, calling it “astounding.”

A source told the newspaper that Lightfoot appeared to be “shaken” before going downstairs to speak to the press.

“The police officers’ decision to turn their backs on the mayor while waiting with the family on the 7th floor was significant,” FOP President John Catanzara told the paper. “Turning their backs on the mayor was an excellent example of how the hundreds of police officers felt waiting outside the hospital.”

“They have had enough and are no longer going to remain silent anymore.”

In a statement about the incident, Mayor Lightfoot’s office said that “now is not the time for divisive and toxic rhetoric or reporting.”

“The mayor was present at the emergency room to offer support and condolences to the families involved and the hundreds of line officers and exempts who were there, which she did. In a time of tragedy, emotions run high and that is to be expected. The mayor spoke to a range of officers that tragic night and sensed the overwhelming sentiment was about concern for their fallen colleagues.

“As the mayor stated . . . now is not the time for divisive and toxic rhetoric or reporting. This is a time for us to come together as a city. We have a common enemy and it is the conditions that breed the violence and the manifestations of violence, namely illegal guns, and gangs.”

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8 responses to “Dozens of Chicago Police Turn Their Backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot at Hospital After Two Officers Shot”

  1. D1sfuncti0nal says:

    Now we need more cops doing this when government health edicts are enacted again.

  2. UppityG says:

    Everyone, and I mean everyone, should turn their back to Lightfoot. And DeBlasio. And all the Cuomos. And every damn reporter that might approach you wherever.

    It used to be in America, First Nations tribes would publicly ostracize a wrong-doer in their midst by everyone else silently turning their back to them as they were escorted out of the tribe’s camp boundaries. Some primitive tribes still around still do this. It is highly effective.

    I keep asking how is it that the left, Dems, still elect such failures to govern them. I’m beginning to think that some of them do, but not the majority, not really. Either many of them are simply not voting, because they’ve grown cynical or apathetic, or maybe, and this might be a big factor, bigger than we’ve allowed ourselves to contemplate: the ballot box is being stuffed. Chicago is the standard bearer for stealing elections, after all.

    Although, it looks like Newsom in CA is about to become a real contender with how they’re managing the recall ballot box stuffing.

    Time to build a wall around CA and NY. I’m serious as a heart attack.

  3. Turk_Longwell says:

    Lightfoot cares mores about declaring Racism a Public Health Emergency, than she does about having the City’s Cops’ backs.

  4. IntegratedCrazy says:

    I say fuck them both. The bitch sjw mayor and the garbage corrupt cops.

  5. guitarocigaro says:

    No quarter for tragedy pimps.

  6. Devilsgun says:

    Good move. Fucking woketrash like that freak Muppet Lori Lightfoot needs to know that they’re not welcome or wanted at every possible opportunity. Make them broil in their own cancerous hatred off in some desolate corner of nowhere until they rot, unacknowledged and ignored.

  7. markcfcgate13 says:

    Well done the boys and girls in Blue
    astounding that they have the audacity to say “divisive and toxic rhetoric”
    That is the only loony left rhetoric that has been spouted for years by this divisive bunch of Marxist BLM supporting democratic imbeciles ………

  8. TheDarkworld says:

    She has no shame.

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