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Distinguished Biracial Doctor Demoted for Opposing Segregated Care, Files Discrimination Charge

The Harvard-educated physician says hospital accused her, a woman of color, of racism and ‘internalized whiteness’

Until recently, Dr. Tara Gustilo was the celebrated chair of the OB/GYN Department at Hennepin Healthcare System (HHS) in Minneapolis. She graduated from Harvard University and Mayo Medical school and even led a program that reflects cultural differences in birthing practices in order to provide more comprehensive care to honor her patients’ diversity. 

But following the death of George Floyd during the summer of 2020, Gustilo was disturbed to see HHS alter their approach to medical care. 

“As a biracial woman with multiracial children, I was worried for our well being and that of our community,” she said in a video published on the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR) website. 

Gustilo began researching the roots of the ideology that she recognized in the Black Lives Matter movement; she learned about Critical Race Theory (CRT); she discovered the works of Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. 

“I came to believe that CRT is not a continuation of the civil rights movement but rather a repudiation of it,” she wrote in her official Charge of Discrimination letter addressed to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

Gustilo took issue with how members of her department attempted to reverse the intended goal of a program that she designed to “better understand the varying traditions and cultures of the diverse community HHS serves.” 

“For years, I’ve been working to create a more holistic, multicultural, and inclusive care environment … to help understand the birthing traditions and needs of our pregnant patients from different cultures,” she said. “Within the last couple of years, however, the goals seemed to change and the program began to morph from one of multicultural care to instead one of segregated care.”

She said there was a push for black caregivers to provide care for black patients — “Now why would people claiming to fight racism want segregation after the death of George Floyd?” she asked.

But it was Gustilo’s social media posts questioning CRT ideology that ultimately led to her being approached by members of HR and the medical executive team. They concluded that her posts impacted her “ability to lead.” 

“[They] accused me of being racist, of having a mental breakdown, and of being unfit and unable to … manage my department,” she recalled. 

In order to circumnavigate the charge of punishing an employee for expressing her First Amendment rights, Gustilo said her employers fabricated excuses about her showing up late to meetings and exhibiting “poor communication skills.” 

“I oversaw the OB/GYN department for six years without any of these complaints ever being made before,” she said. “After I pushed back on their pretextual reasons for my demotion, a human resources manager finally admitted to me that my beliefs were the reason for my removal.”

Gustilo, who is being represented by the law firm Eckland & Blando, formally filed discrimination charges against HHS on June 25. 

“I refuse to allow an ideology that seeks to divide us based on immutable characteristics to enter my profession, or interfere with my duty as a doctor to help all who are need of healing,” she said. 

Donations to support Gustilo’s case can be made through the FAIR website. 

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8 responses to “Distinguished Biracial Doctor Demoted for Opposing Segregated Care, Files Discrimination Charge”

  1. WeTheRabble says:

    This is something that the 1619 Project addresses and complains about specifically.
    That one of the pieces of evidence of “systemic racism” is that hospitals were segregated. Black and White, the white hospitals were consistently better staffed and skilled.
    The 1619 Project goes on to tell a story about how there was a light skinned black man that was brought to the wrong hospital because he was mistaken for white. Received normal hospital care, up until his family showed up to visit him and it became apparent that he was a black man. Then he was kicked out of the white hospital.
    No idea how much of that story specifically is true, but it is plausible.

    So all of that to get to this point:
    If that’s the article we’re going to use to motivate “racial healing”, why in the world would you actively work towards segregation again?
    What’s the end goal?
    Is this some sort of set up so we can revisit desegregation again in 20-30 years?
    Use this BS as some kind of club to beat people over the head with and say “look racism is always present”?

    We can already see what’s going to happen here.
    We’re going to end up with POC hospitals that only hire POC, and non-segregated hospitals.
    The POC hospital, pulling from a minority of the population will be, by law of statistics, less likely to find qualified staff to compete with the non-segregated hospital.
    Quality of the segregated hospital will most likely start out diminished because of this.
    POC doctors will not want to work there because the reputation is bad and quality will go down more.
    10 years latter the failure of this segregated hospital will be blamed on nothing but “white supremacy.”

  2. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    All of our institutions are corrupt.

  3. Plaguen says:

    The people that removed her are completely brainless and it was awful that it happened. The silver lining is that the more they do this the more people wake up. They are starting to overplay their cards, I cant wait to see their 2/7 offsuit.

  4. IntegratedCrazy says:

    As a better than you, I don’t care.

  5. PseudoSwede says:

    Without knocking this (or any article nor author on this) site, but rather in being reminded of a trend by it, I have to ask;

    When can we stop referencing George Floyd in articles about anything that happened in 2020 which happens to (or may be interpreted to) have racial undertones?

    All manner of outlets do this to varying degrees, some of which, take full editorial advantage, wasting no opportunity to ramp up the hate and potential for worsening racial divisions.

    I reckon that I’m also asking if anybody would really have a different takeaway without references to Floyd’s death and the ensuing chaos and violence thereafter, were it not to be used as a sort of requisite framing device. Genuine question.

  6. Laharl says:

    Get her on the show !

    If even hospitals get infected with that ideology, we’re gonna see the cult turn into a death cult, with their soviet-style accusations and gaslighting as primary weapons.

  7. TheDarkworld says:

    May on face seem unrelated so I’ll preface this with “the medical profession as a whole has been infected by ideology.”
    I have spent the last two years visiting a plethora of different medical facilities seeking treatment for what I believe to be Guillain Barre brought on by covid 19 that I had early 2019. (The runaround I’ve been getting is another story entirely) At the time my doctor would not text me for it. I was coughing and wheezing for months and have never recovered my full lung function. Now I have a constant pins and needles sensation in my wrists and ankles coupled with constant fatigue and irritability. I am still against vaccine and mask mandates and openly question them whenever I have the opportunity (but have never threatened or insulted anyone). Now it seems they’re aware of me and my opinions wherever I go, even if I’ve never been there. I don’t bring a mask with me anywhere and generally ask whoever asks me to wear one to provide it to me after asking them a few questions like are you sick? Have you had the vaccine? If you’ve had it why worry about me? Etc.
    I was recently threatened with security the moment I entered a facility I’d never visited before. An elderly couple in front of me were asked if they had a mask and if they would put one on. Me?


    At another hospital I was pointed at upon entering the building and greeted by several staff members giving me a full Biden approved dissertation on why they require masks that had everything to do with policy and nothing to do with “teh sciens” that no one else had the pleasure of being presented with.

    Social credit is a thing.