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Direct TV Dropping Conservative News Network OANN

While no specific reason has been given for the decision, it comes days after national plea from President Biden to Censor certain information

DirecTV has decided not to renew its contract with the far-right One America News Network (OANN), according to reports.

DirecTV satellite service, owned by AT&T Inc. and TPG Inc., said in a statement that it has informed Herring Networks, the owner of OANN, that “following a routine internal review,” DirecTV does not “plan to enter into a new contract when our current agreement expires.”

One source told Bloomberg News that the contract would expire in early April, ending the network’s relationship with the broadcast service. 

DirecTV has been the largest distributor of OANN. However, the network will still be available on Verizon Fios and other smaller carriers. It will also be streaming online through the service KloudTV.

While no specific reason for the decision to let the contract expire, the move comes only days after President Biden made a plea to media companies to censor certain information contradictory to his administration. 

The NAACP met with AT&T to encourage the company to drop OANN in October 2021. According to a statement in October of 2021, the NAACP President Derrick Johnson said, “AT&T is directly supporting efforts that undermine our democracy and suppress our right to vote. It’s reprehensible.”

In August, Dominion Voting Systems, a company that builds electronic voting machines and software, filed a lawsuit against the owner of OANN and the news service Newsmax. The suits come after both networks aired several election-related conspiracy theories. Dominion is seeking roughly $1.6 billion in defamation damages. Dominion claims the networks were carrying forward the theory of former President Donald Trump, claiming the election was rigged.

According to Dominion, an “expert mathematician” interviewed on OANN was actually an installer at a Long Island swing-set-construction company. 

In February, OANN was required to air a 90-second disclaimer before broadcasting a documentary produced by MyPillow founder and Trump ally Mike Lindell that featured election-related conspiracy theories.

In November, another voting-technology company, Smartmatic, filed separate defamation lawsuits against Newsmax and OANN. The suits were filed after the company alleges the networks aired similar disinformation about its products. 

The lawsuits allege that the media outlets falsely stated that Smartmatic “rigged” the presidential election for President Biden in crucial swing states.

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15 responses to “Direct TV Dropping Conservative News Network OANN”

  1. pandusa says:

    Wow Timcast you have very discerning readers and ones like me LEARNING about: framing, manipulation of words, how they can be perceived ect. This is so important in the current world we live in. I know you approve. We can just consider it a learning assignment . It must be incredibly difficult to write on the news stage in current culture conditions. Easy for the deceptive ones though like NYT and Wapo.

  2. Sethbishop89 says:

    DirecTV has decided not to renew its contract with the far-right One America News Network (OANN), “according to reports.“

    “according to reports.“

    People in the comment section, learn to read.
    The page is reporting a headline and not an opinion article.

  3. Barbarossa2 says:

    Okay, spincheck please.
    OANN may be Republican centric, non-liberal and dwelling on politics while ignoring that other things happen on this planet; but it is hardly Far-right. That is a term which the Left(we used to call them democrats) uses to smear republicans in an underhanded way, meant to demonize and cast doubt upon their fairness and associate them with Nazis, the KKK and Der Sturmer. While I am none of the above, the slanderous labeling is straight outta CNNMSNBC.

  4. neilinda says:

    Thought my regular monthly membership was to support a great team of fearsome journalists who would be impartial and produce good news articles.
    This is just one more example of that not being the case.
    Editing, bias controls, and basic grammar are just some of the things you need to work on.
    Ten dollars a month is not much, but one hundred twenty dollars a year isn’t to be sneezed at.
    You are big talkers, but I won’t continue as a member unless writing here and the functionality of the website improve.

  5. Pierre-Paul says:

    …far-right One America News…
    …both networks aired several election-related conspiracy theories…
    …that featured election-related conspiracy theories…

    Next they’re gonna be talking about “the Big Lie”. Only a year in and is becoming MSNBC…horrifying!

    I’m sorry, but the author of that smear piece “Michael Robison” has no business writing for a news organization that supposedly wants to report objectively… seems like he went to CNN school of journalism.

  6. Lylanthia says:

    Hey Tim this needs bias checked.

  7. Wolv256 says:

    Happy for the work you guys at Timcast are doing, but you might want to change the Title from “Direct TV” to “DirecTV”. Tim likes accuracy.

  8. joserod3434 says:

    Wow I subscribed to because I thought it was ACTUALLY gonna be different than the others. But one month in and they’re calling a conservative news network “far right”? Looks like I got duped. They’re no different than any of the rest. I won’t be paying for another month.

  9. pandusa says:

    Reviewing comments and must admit I missed it. Noted. I learn a lot from comments . The labels fly so fast now days I can hardly keep track. It is a good thing I know who I am and what I am about. I am not responsible for other individuals perceptions…

  10. TexasTim says:

    Wow, they went from conservative to “far-right” real quick. Disappointed to see this rhetoric on a “impartial” just the news site. Guess you got to fan the flames.

  11. rgsmith says:

    OANN and Newsmax are both available on KlowdTV (in addition to many other channels including InfoWars, etc). There are apps for Android, iOS, and Streaming TV apps for AppleTV (Gen 4 or newer), Roku, Chromecast, & Amazon Fire TV. I’ve had it for years and never had any technical issues accessing via browser, Android app or Fire TV app. Cut the cable cord!

  12. Turk_Longwell says:

    Is this a low key hit piece on OANN? I just feels like it, after I read the article.
    The Title says OANN is Conservative news network, but immediately the article calls it Far-Right.
    Which one is it? Is that an Opinion or Fact? IDK. anyways.
    The Biden Admin is turning the rest of America ok with Authoritarianism. Get ready folks.

  13. Fedora21 says:

    CNN is owned ultimately by Time Warner which is owned by AT&T which just acquired DirectTV a while ago. They’re struggling to make ROI on it and my guess is that after word of CNN’s viewership dropping by upwards of 90%, they’re thrashing and trying to remove competition to drive viewership back to the network they actually own.

  14. marblecreekmonarch says:

    I was a DirecTV subscriber from 2002-2014. We wanted a television free home in 2014 and with their merger of at&t it made even more sense. I won’t pay a penny to at&t. I’ve held this position for a very long time stemming from the Cingular and at&t days of early 2000 cellular services. Companies like at&t disgust me on many levels. This is likely one more reason.

  15. pandusa says:

    Figures..I have Direct.I guess another one bites the dust.The problem is Direct, Dish, and Spectrum Cable all have mostly the same shareholders. Look it up and you will see “the usual suspects”. The new boss…IS the old boss. I would kick it all to the curb as TV goes but am overruled by other family members that “don’t see what is such a big deal”. But they also don’t have time to look at any of the evidence. They are beginning to awaken though…