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DEVELOPING: Kenosha School District Switches to Remote Learning to ‘Protect Students and Staff’

The Kenosha Unified School District moved Thursday to close classrooms and switch all students to remote learning as the county braces for any potential violence while a jury deliberates the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“While we have not been advised of any existing imminent danger, we feel this is the best course of action to protect our students and staff during an uncertain time,” read the statement. “We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to receive support as needed in the days and weeks ahead.”

Hundreds of Wisconsin National Guard Troops are on the ground should any rioting, looting, or general violence occur.

“To protect operational security and ensure the safety of our troops, we will not confirm troop locations, timelines, or movements, but staging location decisions are made in consultation with officials from the local and state level to ensure we meet the capabilities requested of us,” the Wisconsin National Guard confirmed.

“Our staging locations are chosen for a wide variety of reasons ranging from distance, response time, access to major travel corridors, capacity to handle the number of troops mobilized, the ability to respond to multiple locations, if needed, and more,” added the organization.

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2 responses to “DEVELOPING: Kenosha School District Switches to Remote Learning to ‘Protect Students and Staff’”

  1. pandusa says:

    RIP JAKE USMC -No Man Left Behind. Your name went to DC and goes to my state capitol on my backpack…every time I do.

  2. pandusa says:

    This is Jake Gardener USMC Omaha Neb. all over again. But ,Jake saw the bad moon rising and bless his heart, took his own life ( he already had PTSD ). He defended his country. COUNTRY DID NOT DEFEND HIM ! Self defense is on trial via a 17 y/o kid. These “activist” and I use that term loosely, as many seem to be career criminals, failed to scroll down to the “hazards of the job” section on the job description. If you want to play “Dodge City” and : burn, loot, pillage a community…you might get shot. Someone (wonder who?) wants to hammer down the point that if we can’t take your guns…if you use them for self defense, no matter how justified, we WILL destroy you.