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Denmark Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions

The country's leadership will no longer mandate vaccinations, vaccine passes or other COVID-related restrictions for the general population

Denmark has officially removed all COVID-19 restrictions within the country. 

Coronavirus is no longer considered a “socially critical sickness,” according to government officials.

The indoor mask mandate, the need to present a “COVID pass” for bars, restaurants, and other indoor venues, and self-isolation should you test positive are all coming to an end.

“No one can know what will happen next December. But we promised the citizens of Denmark that we will only have restrictions if they are truly necessary, and we’ll lift them as soon as we can,” Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke told reporters on Monday.

Heunicke says that widespread vaccination and boosters have allowed the country to open up again. He added that the number of hospitalizations and patients in intensive care has significantly decreased every day.

81% of Denmark’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Our World in Data.

Heunicke told reporters, “Luckily, we don’t need [these measures] in Denmark. … I’m really happy that we don’t need it because it’s a very troubling path to move that way.”

Director-general of Denmark’s Health Authority, Søren Brostrøm, agreed that the number of COVID-19 cases in the country was elevated. Still, the link between infections and severe illness was no longer present.

“At the same time as infections are skyrocketing, [the number of] patients admitted to intensive care [is] actually going down,” he said. “It’s around 30 people in ICU beds right now with a COVID-19 diagnosis, out of a population of 6 million.”

Brostrøm also stated that he did not believe vaccine mandates were necessary.

“I do not believe in imposed vaccine mandates,” he said. “It’s a pharmaceutical intervention with possible side effects. You need as an authority to recognize that.”

According to the health minister, the Danish authorities recommend taking an at-home test before coming into contact with large groups of people.

According to Danish officials, PCR tests will continue to be available to the public to confirm COVID-19 cases.

Some travelers will still have to test on entry to Denmark, specifically those who are unvaccinated or have not had a recovered diagnosis of COVID-19. Quarantine measures will remain in place for those arriving from high-risk countries as well. However, these are the only pandemic restrictions that remain.

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