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Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett Says Black Voters Are Fleeing Biden Because They Are Too Ignorant To Understand Politics

'Their feelings are dictating their reality'

A Democrat lawmaker from Texas is making waves after stating during a live television interview that the only reason black Americans aren’t supporting President Joe Biden in greater numbers is because they are too emotional and too cognitively deficient to understand politics.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s incendiary remarks made over the weekend on CNN’s show State of the Union were posted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and immediately drew criticism:

Here’s the deal, perception is reality. And so when you look at the data that was provided in this poll, it talks about how people feel and when people decide whether they’re going to the poll or whether they’re not going to, to the poll, it’s all about how you feel in that moment. And so while the facts may not align with their feelings, their feelings are dictating their reality.

Their reality is that they said that they feel better or they felt better when Trump was in office. But we’ve been trying to push back. We’ve got some very popular African American artists that are out here saying things like, oh, I got checks when Trump was in office. I want those checks. Again, not understanding that that really came from Congress.

So we’ve got a couple of things, the perception issue, and then we also have an issue as it relates to civics in this country, and people not understanding exactly how any of this works. Here’s the deal. Perception is reality.

Crockett sparked online anger from people who interpreted her remarks as suggesting that black Americans are too dumb to know how to vote in their best interests.

Black voter support for Biden has been in freefall for months, as inflation, crime, and illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. have become flashpoints.

Crockett’s comments come alongside new polling showing black voters still disapprove of the way Biden is running the country. Her statements highlight the growing frustration among Democrats over their loss of support from a historically reliable constituency.

New polling data from The New York Times and Siena College found that 22 percent of black voters in six key battleground states say they would support former President Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election. Typically, Republican presidential candidates receive only single-digit support from black voters.

“I don’t think we’ve been voicing what we delivered to the African American community and particularly among younger African American men,” Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster for Biden’s 2020 campaign, told the Times. “We have to get the numbers up and we have to get African American voters out to vote, and we have to get the numbers up with young people and we have to get them out to vote.”

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