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Democrat Proposes Three-Child Limit 'Parody' Legislation Mandating Vasectomies for Men Over 40

A new bill is set to be introduced in Pennsylvania that will limit the number of children men can have to three. The bill would mandate vasectomies for men at age 40 or after their third child, whichever comes first.

The bill’s author, Democrat State Rep. Chris Rabb, says it is “parody legislation” of the recent Texas anti-abortion law, which bans abortions after the baby’s heart activity can be detected. According to PolitiFact, Rabb said he plans to introduce the bill only because it has “no chance of passing.” His purpose in doing so is to highlight “gendered double standards with regard to reproductive rights.”

Rabb added, “To each person who views this bill I’ve introduced as absurd, I’d urge you to apply equal scrutiny to laws in places like Texas and right here in Pennsylvania, which enact paternalistic restrictions on the personal liberty of cis women, trans men and nonbinary individuals who have an unwanted pregnancy.”

The proposed bill contains an enforcement mechanism explicitly based off the Texas abortion law. The bill offers a $10,000 reward to any Pennsylvanians who report men who violate it, and permits residents of the state to take civil action against men who conceive a child with them.

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11 responses to “Democrat Proposes Three-Child Limit ‘Parody’ Legislation Mandating Vasectomies for Men Over 40”

  1. Zack Jordan says:

    I mean if you don’t want to get pregnant, there is always birth control or the most foolproof way abstinence until you are ready to conceive. It isn’t that hard.

  2. MaineWolf says:

    All you need to know “paternalistic restrictions on the personal liberty of cis women, trans men and nonbinary individuals who have an unwanted pregnancy.”

  3. Fire this asshole for wasting tax payers money on stunts. Fuck these politicians.

  4. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    This is a prime example of the Communist Democrat Liberals inability to reason and draw parallels.

    The Texas law has nothing to do with woman being sterilized.

    I propose that before students can graduate a communist democrat liberal college; they are given multiple tests to determine if they have the mental capacity to reason, think logically and rationally.

    If deemed unfit. They should be sterilized before a diploma is “Given.”

    At 14 years of age, my son could out think a liberal. At 14, he had a third year college reading and comprehension level. He did attend schools that were blue ribbon in a conservative neighborhood where parents “gave-a-shit” and was constantly told he could be an AP student-B+ student who day dreamed and was bored with school.

    Is it possible that it had something to do with the fact that I taught him to read both conservative and left leaning news sources and how to find the truth which is somewhere in he middle?

    I was a police officer, and took him into bad neighborhoods to show him the waste of money the Communist Democrat Liberal Party wastes there.

    Parody: Def

    an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

    What is this idiot politician doing in office?

    In many U.S. states there are laws on the books which allow for the prosecution of the murder of a fetus of a specific age. Those laws exist in many communist democrat states.

    The communist democrat party education system has reduced man to a “crazy ape.”

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

  5. Devilsgun says:

    Why not exterminate men over 40 instead (excepting our ruling class dems, billionaire lefties, and big tech of course)? On that note why have a “surplus” of males at all?

    Keep only the very best stock for breeding purposes, cull the rest, and let the strong, brave, empowered modern women keep society going. I’m sure a prime Alpha breeder like Hunter Biden could personally baste a hundred or more women a month and create entire herds of premium grade babies to perpetuate our species. We can throw the excess male infants right into a meat grinder like they do with male chicks at our mechanized poultry farms… The New Normal, folks. Make sure your face mask is on when they line you unvaxxed white terrorist rebels up at the edge of the trench, and no talking. Pop, pop, rattatat-tat


  6. TheDarkWall says:

    You know a state has gone to shit when it’s introducing petty bs for the purpose of spiting another state. Granted this is nothing new for the left. It’s good that they’ve taken their masks off a bit more than before though so less politically well versed people can understand what they really are.

  7. pandusa says:

    Parody legislation? I thought the Democrats were a parody. Oops, my mistake.

  8. Stauffer6780 says:

    Yeah! It’s only a parody!! Sure sounds a lot more like what Alex Jones says that they are pushing with depopulation etc! These people are REALLY going for it aren’t they! I mean it’s not a surprise everything I’ve ever heard him say is easily backed up by fact! It’s just so egregious and freaking scary watching all of this play out especially when we don’t see anyone slowing it down or stopping it!! They just get farther and farther and the country and really the world just spins down the toilet faster and faster!

  9. Garce says:

    Because they like to project their beliefs on everyone. Thats why we have a continuous increase in federal powers under the dems (reps arent much better bot like Tim says, they sit on their hands and do nothing) in an attempt to force more people to bend to their own will.

  10. CrazyEyes93 says:

    I would be bet people think your bill as far more ridiculous then Texas’s.

  11. PresidentJ says:

    My question is why is a guy thousands of miles away from Texas and doesn’t even adhere to the Texas jurisdiction even give a rat’s ass about Texas law? I don’t live in Texas, therefore I don’t care about Texas law.