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David Hogg Dodges Timcast Reporter, Plays Disney Music In Attempt To Copyright Strike Video

'You Can't Use This Song Anywhere'

Gun control activist David Hogg dodged a reporter’s question during Saturday’s 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Timcast reporter Elad Eliahu caught up with Hogg during the event.

Hogg immediately turned around, appearing to avoid Eliahu before taking out his phone.

“How would you respond to somebody who says gun control goes against the idea of civil rights for black people?” Eliahu followed up as Hogg walked away, looking at his phone.

Eliahu repeated his question as the gun control activist continued ignoring the reporter.

Later Saturday, Eliahu once again ran into Hogg, reiterating his previous question for the gun control activist. Hogg took his phone out and began playing “Under The Sea” from Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid, saying it was copyrighted music.

“If you’re a Disney lawyer, you can’t use this song anywhere,” Hogg told Eliahu while holding his phone up as the song played.

“Did you have any comment on gun control going against the idea of civil rights for people of color in our country?” Eliahu repeated as Hogg continued holding his phone up playing music from The Little Mermaid. “Why are you playing copyrighted music?”

Hogg continued ignoring the reporter as Eliahu thanked the activist for his time.

Eliahu also ran into Florida representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz who similarly dodged the reporter’s question regarding fellow activist Al Sharpton’s comments regarding the 1991 riots in Crown Heights, New York.

“How would you respond to someone who says that you’re actually elevating bad actors here by speaking at a rally with somebody like Al Sharpton?” Eliahu asked referencing Schultz’s earlier remarks about “a few bad apples” regarding black and jewish relations. “You said you don’t want a few people in the community to ruin the relationship, but Al Sharpton has been called an anti-semite before and has instigated violence in Brooklyn before against jewish people.”

The Florida congresswoman ignored Eliahu before retreating to a tent as another attendee said Schultz was dehydrated.

Hogg was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, at the time of the 2018 school shooting.

Since the shooting, Hogg has become a notable figure among gun-control advocates.

Following Saturday’s shooting at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, Hogg took to X criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“F— Ron DeSantis,” Hogg wrote, “for pushing legislation that says that slavery benefitted Black people.”

“F— Ron DeSantis for loosening gun laws.”

“F— Ron DeSantis for waging war on queer young people,” Hogg continued. “F— Ron DeSantis for acting surprised when somebody acts on his hateful rhetoric.”

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