Dave Smith And ian Go OFF Slamming The FED And The Scheme To Devalue Your money

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78 responses to “Dave Smith And ian Go OFF Slamming The FED And The Scheme To Devalue Your money”

  1. enemaofthestate91 says:

    Dave Smith is awesome

  2. flyinghighbeatsdyinforlies says:

    Tim the video says unavailable please fix!

  3. JacktheRippa says:

    Dave Smith is awesome! Good show

  4. Fishbiskit says:

    So instead of fighting with the street level ANTIFA & BLM why are we not consistently pointing out that they are all funded by the same corporations they claim to hate?

  5. Masshole says:

    Ian, you make a far better host than co-host. I really don’t like how you fit the show when Tim is hosting, but you just nailed it here. Nice job, man. Definitely want to see more of this. Keep up the good work. Thanks for what you guys are doing.

  6. MorganElyse says:

    One of my favorite videos – love federal reserve talk!

  7. Agcartwr says:

    Good Job Ian

  8. WingedLion says:

    Great points. However, towards the end, Ben mentions that a lot of conspiracies get abandoned. I beg to differ: I believe that said plans only get modified and/or delayed in their execution.

    Internet is already regulated and spied on into oblivion. A law granting the government access or control over your internet will only happen when the elites get bored because it’s pointless. They already control it. Also, note that laws regarding downloads were shoved into the 600$ stimulus bill, along with speed boats for Costa Rica.

    Vaccine passports are still coming. Just not government controlled, but encouraged.

    The plans will continue full steam ahead. Don’t get complacent folks.

    Also, thanks for pointing our govt is def faxistic af. It makes my ears bleed anytime I hear someone use the words America and democracy in the same sentence

  9. Chilli_P says:

    This was a great deep dive. Well done Ian you got 5he best outta Dave

  10. JohnnyRocker says:

    Ian you should watch Charlie Wilson’s War. Very funny but gives a decent idea of the US influence on USSR’s conflict in Afghanistan.

  11. TRose says:

    I loved this segment! I like the whole crew but Tim free nights are not bad at all! Ian, great job and you should try to do this far more often

  12. reality42 says:

    Why? Ian did great, he didn’t need Tim for this one

  13. Tims a bitch for not being there for this segment on the fed since his close friend Ian loves to talk about this topic so much.

  14. Mrivell says:

    I liked the way this went. Dave and Ian need to do a 3 gr sit down. Just talking about the feds. And robbie the fire tooo.

  15. Jesse3533 says:

    Dave was a great guest. love his part of the problem podcast. Ian holding down the fort!

  16. MariaB says:

    Ian has really grown on me and he shone during this. I do hope we see him on Dave’s channel and doing more here. Tim interrupts like Alex Jones and although I enjoy them both Ian has a more trad style I enjoy.

  17. Antonette59 says:

    Good job, Ian!

  18. SFCCaron says:

    i agree…keep up the good work Ian!

  19. great job hosting this segment Ian!

  20. BethanyJM23 says:

    Ian’s totally unique, I ❤️ Him too! Unicorns Rule-n-Rhinos-drool.

  21. Carculon4000 says:

    I fucking love you Ian

  22. Domitan1980 says:

    I really liked this, I would love to see more Ian-content. Love you guys

  23. Milliganc says:

    More Please!!!

  24. Jubsz says:

    Ian has gotten so much better throughout his time. I think being off the constraints of big tech also helps a lot.

    Ian always goes on small rants about having IanCoin, TimCoin, LydiaCoin, etc. but has never been given the time to really finish the cohesive thought. I’d be curious to hear the idea to the end as I really don’t get it. How is the value of everyone’s individual currency derived? Why would I want to hold IanCoin? Am I just buying it for a one time trade, holding, or both?

  25. DivineMatrix says:

    Glad Tim was watching super heroes instead. He woulda derailed this conversion several times Listen! No No No the thing is! Lol but really though great talk. I’d like more conspiratorial talk it’s the only fun conversations the Empire doesn’t like you talking about wonder why?..

  26. JaHenning_93 says:

    Best members only Timcast; Ian for President.

  27. Glothr says:

    I would watch a podcast with just these guys.

  28. MontyLalado says:


  29. SuperROBOChrist says:

    Ian, I’ve always valued your chiming in on the cast and your work behind the scenes. This one right here was fantastic, y’all dug into things that REALLY need to be dug into. When timcast moves forward I’d really like to see your own segment be a part of the growth. You have a lot of good insight which leads to a lot of good guests, and that leads to a lot of important info going out. Question the fed, up the graphene.

  30. BlipSqueak says:

    Best members only content to date. This is the real shit, Tim knows it, but avoids it like the plague. (I don’t blame him) but in a world of lies it’s nice to hear the truth once in awhile

  31. heavyirontech says:

    Thanks Ian and Dave great short bonus.

  32. AlbatrossWhoLived says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD!…………………………………………..Tim Pool is watching INVINCIBLE!

  33. H4T3R says:

    Great bonus segment 👏👍

  34. BurlyD says:

    Ian definitely needs his own show, even just a weekly Zoom talking with people about the Federal Reserve, Graphene, etc.

  35. The_One-Eyed_King says:

    Definitely, these segments with Ian and whoever are awesome! But please if you’re going to do more of these don’t stop doing or slow down on normal segments.

  36. Tim, if you can see this, have Ian do more of these segments, this time where we get to see him do stuff on his own really shows a side of his perspective I never noticed before….creates more content too!

  37. Maven says:

    I second the motion.

  38. vagabondancer says:

    I, too, would appreciate a much longer segment on the Federal Reserve and the evils that have been done in the past. Thanks Ian.

  39. Toad says:

    this was great!!!

  40. Viewtifuljoe says:

    So say we all

  41. Viewtifuljoe says:

    I listen to Tim’s segments all day and to have him talk most of the night in a proper conversation particularly if it covers topics he had earlier in the day does get redundant.

    More Ian, please. Nothing wrong with a fresh perspective.

  42. Viewtifuljoe says:

    So say we all

  43. Element says:

    The non-alligned movement was a thing during the cold war. These were countries that didn’t want to be allies with America or the Soviet Union. Now that the Soviet Union collapsed there isn’t much of a purpose to the NAM.

  44. Dquat says:

    There should be a full 3-hour podcast on this topic exclusively. It’s the root cause of all the issues we deal with – war, global economics, and rising tensions in our domestic politics. Bring in Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and Dave Smith and sit them down together… facilitate the conversation and watch that episode go viral.

  45. Zasha.hendo says:

    Fantastic segment. Thank you for this. More please!

  46. freedomfan01 says:

    Kinda nice to have someone not talk over Dave the entire time.

  47. SadDog says:

    Great content keep it coming 🙂

  48. Surrealinsomniac says:

    We need many, many more Ian segments. Absolutely more stuff on the Fed, but also just have Ian take the reigns to flesh out any of his ideas/tangents without getting interrupted or having to be brought back to current events. Much love Ian.

  49. Maverick says:

    “We’ve got Nukes”

    Yeah but so did France and the UK. I think it was more about money in the future, and stability. But I don’t think Anerica could pull that now, especially with how massively unpopular the American woke movement is. Its really turning the world off America so now, you’ve got China who will offer the same protection Anerica would but without the Woke crap. That’s why Germany signed a recent deal behind Bidens back, with China. As did New Zealand and Canada are very friendly with China.

  50. ChrisAus82 says:

    Tim feel free to leave Ian in charge if you just wanna take the rest of the night off. Ian great hosting 🙂 almost as good as your twitch streams.

  51. CzechTex says:

    Mad respect, Ian. This was a good dive into the Fed. Remembering 9/11 as if it were yesterday, and then having friends serve in Iraq, and just finding out all the lies and propaganda that had been fed to us…man. It really stirs me up, pisses me off, but also makes me want to more educated and obtain more knowledge on how and why.

    Great interview/talk, Ian and thanks Lyds for the support.

  52. MattCraig says:

    Agreed. Great extra vid, and an eye-opening conversation

  53. MattCraig says:

    Ian, you’re growing on me man. When I first tuned in to episodes earlier this year, you were always playing devil’s advocate and going off on tangents, but honestly, I am a lot like you. You take ‘the original position’ on every issue which is why you always argue for and against all sides of each topic discussed. This is something that I personally preach to anyone that talks with me about serious subjects and in deep conversations, for any length of time past 10 seconds.
    You were a great host for this video and the chat was extremely inspiring, thanks for all you do, now I’m off to read up on The Fed.

    Also, fk Woodrow Wilson and Nixon.

  54. HotSauceage says:


  55. StonedKrampus says:

    Ian I want to apologize for hating ya too quickly. This was the best Timcast segment Ive seen in awhile. Doesnt hurt to have Dave Smith and a teaser of a deep dive into the Fed either. I just wish for a true deep dive with this group over a few 2+ hr podcasts to really hit every point of the Fed and others are fucking the US and the rest of the world.

  56. Rivian_Kriek says:

    This segment crushed! It would be a huge act of public service to put this up in the free area where everyone can see it. Ian did a great job hosting, and Dave did a great job breaking this stuff down. Unlike everyone on the show, I *have* read The Creature From Jeckyll Island, but even so, I still learned a lot from this segment.

  57. jabrann98 says:


  58. Boden says:

    Ian you should start your own show about this shit

  59. Tyler Winfree says:

    Your legit Ian. Much love and respect

  60. M.e.leechee says:

    Awesome, Smith 2024! I was pissed when there wasn’t one when he came on, nice play. Always love hearing about the fed and liking Ian interviewing.

  61. alternativejk says:

    I’ve always knew Ian was a cool dude but wow, Ian did a great job hosting this segment!

  62. Robert says:

    Threw me for a loop on this one, Ian. Amazing segment; this is the explanation of the federal reserve I have needed.

  63. Kidtruck91 says:

    Ian has very much grown on me

  64. Zeknix says:

    It will probably be in the next website update.

  65. Timuh says:

    Good show old chap, mmm, I say, jolly good show.

  66. Damon says:

    I was a little bummed out on Friday when I realized there wouldn’t be a bonus segment with Dave! So excited to see that Ian was looking out for us hahah

  67. Conor says:

    Bravo Ian this is really great. Tim should let you host an entire show yourself, this was a better insight into Dave than the main YouTube section.

  68. ScotScottScottt says:

    Why wasn’t this the whole Timcast ep?

  69. JimmyQuinto says:

    Can we get a like button? It’ll help show what your audience is in to lol… feedback loop

  70. Christopher says:

    Seriously man, this chat is great and I’m left here wanting to hear more. Still thankful for any of it though.

    I feel like we are entering a dark age of too much noise. Good topics, history, and opinions are almost becoming a lost technology.

  71. TwoChains says:

    This was such a beautiful episode *Cheif’s Kiss*

  72. Turk_Longwell says:

    Great talk. I’ll take it for Members only. Ian, way to lead a convo, Sir.

  73. Zeknix says:

    I was waiting for this last friday.

  74. TheWitten says:

    Ian… host of a generation

  75. This is the content I’ve been waiting to see! Ian needs a solo show where he sits alone in a dark room talking about the federal reserve and psychedelics.

  76. Invisible_Stalker says:

    This is the conversation I wanna see here at timcast!!

  77. Christopher says:

    Solid show Ian

  78. Traditionalist says:

    They are all plotting against you

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