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Daily Wire CEO Launches Jeremy's Razors in Response to 'Woke' Products

Jeremy Boreing has taken action against Harry's shaving products after the company abruptly ended their sponsorship with a Daily Wire program

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing seeks to take away business from Harry’s Shave Company after they ended their advertising agreement with the media outlet over a “values misalignment,” they said.

The agreement ended after Michael Knowles, who hosts a show with Daily Wire, invited psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. to be his guest on an episode.

After it aired, a Twitter user spoke out, saying he felt the views of the guest were “homophobic and transphobic.”

Harry’s responded to the user and promptly cut ties with Daily Wire.

“We’ve ended our relationship with this show & are looking into our sponsorships to prevent any values misalignment going forward,” the company tweeted.

As a result, Boreing decided to fight back.

In a Twitter post, Boreing said, “Harry’s makes great razors. That’s why we’ve been proud to advertise them for years. We know [Harry’s] doesn’t share our values. Who cares? Economic decisions shouldn’t be political decisions. But now Harry’s has decided to declare that conservatives don’t deserve great razors.”

Boering and his associates have now started a campaign against Harry’s on and launched their own product called Jeremy’s Razors. 

In a statement on the website, Boreing said, “We told them [Harry’s], if you ever denounce our audience, we will spend the energy we would promoting you, doing the opposite… Harry’s and their ilk don’t want you in their world—but I want you in mine. So, stop giving your money to people who hate you. Give it to me instead.”

The video for the launch is laden with humor, and a direct statement against what Boreing calls “woke” culture in consumer products and advertising. 

Pre-orders are now available on Jeremy’s Razors website. Customers can order their shave kit, along with a regular subscription to blades.

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