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Cruz Slams Biden, Other Democratic Officials On Podcast

'The One Unifying Factor Of Democrats Today Is They Are, I Believe, A Totalitarian Party'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed President Joe Biden along with New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and New York City Mayor Eric Adams during an episode of his podcast.

During a Monday episode of Verdict with Ted Cruz, the Texas senator criticized the Biden administration and touched on the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 by noting border security could prevent another attack. Cruz referred to the nation’s southern border as an “invitation to terrorists.”

“If you’re the next planner of 9/11, it’s obvious where you go, you go to Mexico,” Cruz said, referring to lax security measures on the nation’s southern border. “Joe Biden, and the idiots in his administration, will fly you to wherever you want to go in this country, and you can carry out your terror attack.”

Cruz said the odds of another major attack on United States “go up systematically,” adding the country is being exposed by its open border.

“They are exposing vulnerabilities whether it is someone trying to hijack an airplane or whether it is a suicide bomber in a mall, or an amusement park, or a concert, or what have you,” he said.


The Texas senator referenced a Washington Free Beacon report noting the Biden administration was considering employing ankle monitors to prevent illegal immigrants who cross the southern border of Texas from leaving the state.

Cruz referred to the proposed use of ankle monitors as “complete garbage,” “nakedly political,” and “blatantly illegal.”

“There is no other explanation for this. The reason they want to target Texas is because they hate Texas, because Texas is red,” Cruz said, pointing out that 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the country under the Biden administration. “Is he really proposing let’s keep all 7.2 million in Texas? We got 30 million Texans. Yeah, he wants to take us to 37 million Texans and have a quarter of the state be illegal and he wants to do that so that he doesn’t upset Democrats in blue states.”

Senator Cruz said the move would be a violation of federal law by the Biden administration.

“Newsflash, the border crisis was not caused by Governor Greg Abbott. You know who the border crisis was caused by? Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi,” Cruz said, suggesting Adams should call New York Senator Chuck Schumer to air his frustration about illegal immigration in the Empire State.

“He’s blocked every effort to secure the border. He’s blocked every effort to build the wall. He’s blocked every effort to deport illegal immigrants,” Cruz said of Schumer. “He’s blocked every effort to reinstate the remain-in-Mexico policy. He’s blocked every effort to pass Kate’s law, which I introduced to lock up and have mandatory minimum sentences for violent criminals who repeatedly reenter this country.”

“Eric Adams’ party created this problem, and they didn’t just create it in the past,” he continued. “They are creating it today. And they intend to create it tomorrow.”

Cruz warned elected Democrats will come after Americans’ constitutional rights.

“The one unifying factor of Democrats today is they are, I believe, a totalitarian party. They believe, they’re statist[s], they believe in government control,” Cruz said, mentioning Grisham’s recent executive order declaring gun violence a public emergency and banning open or concealed carry of firearms in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. “It is utterly, blatantly, brazenly, unapologetically lawless.”

The Texas senator cited the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

“What she is saying is you have no right to keep and bear arms,” Cruz said, referring to the decree as “flagrant defiance” of federal law. “This is what the jack-booted thugs do. They come for your constitutional rights.”

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