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'Crooked Joe Biden': Trump Retires Hillary Clinton's Nickname

The Former President Has Previously Referred To Biden As ‘Sleepy Joe’ Since The 2020 Presidential Election

Former President Donald Trump is retiring his nickname for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump, who has built a reputation for creating nicknames for rivals and political opponents, said he will no longer refer to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” during a Thursday campaign stop in New Hampshire.

The former president began referring to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” during the 2020 Presidential Campaign mocking the then-Democratic presidential candidate’s appearance and reputation as absent-minded and elderly. During the 2016 presidential election cycle, Trump had referred to his Democratic opponent Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.”

During his speech in New Hampshire, Trump said he would retire the nickname.

“I will be retiring the name ‘crooked’ from Hillary Clinton and her moniker,” Trump said, joking he would refer to her as “lovely” or “beautiful” Hillary. “I’m going to retire the name ‘crooked’ so that we can use the name for Joe Biden because from now on he’ll be known as ‘Crooked Joe Biden.'”

“You would think that Hillary would be very happy today,” he said as the crowd cheered. “She’s out there someplace celebrating.”

“There’s never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest as Joe Biden,” Trump continued. “The press absolutely refuses to report it … frankly they’re just as crooked as he is.”

The former president continued, criticizing the president by claiming Biden only cares about “enriching his own family.”

“You wonder why he does nothing about China — why he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to be doing? Because he got millions of dollars from China.”

“Donald Trump and his family used his presidency to rake in billions — with a B — from shady deals with foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia,” said Democratic National Committee spokesperson Ammar Moussa said. “Donald Trump may come up with a lot of nicknames for President Biden, but we have a better one: winner.”

Late last year, Trump officially announced his 2024 re-election campaign. Fellow Republican candidates including former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former radio host and California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, and entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy have also announced campaigns among others.

Earlier this week Biden, 80, officially announced his 2024 re-election campaign.

“When I ran for president four years ago, I said ‘we’re in a battle for the soul of America,’” Biden reminded supporters. “And we still are. The question we’re facing is whether in the years ahead, we have more freedom or less freedom.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been heavily speculated to be a 2024 presidential contender, is reportedly gearing up to announce a presidential campaign in mid-May, according to reports.

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