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Chicago Sex Offender Attempted to Kidnap a Woman, Poured Urine on Another, One Day After Being Released on Recognizance Bond

A convicted sex offender in Chicago attempted to kidnap a woman, attacked another, and poured urine on a third — just one day after being released on a recognizance bond.

The suspect had been released after being arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

Quavon Ewing, 32, has a long history of assaulting women and was just released from prison on September 2 after serving a set of concurrent three-year prison sentences for other assaults.

According to a press release from the Chicago Police Department, Ewing went on his crime spree on the morning of September 25.

In the first attack, Ewing grabbed the shoulder of the 35-year-old woman as she passed his van while walking to the gym.

According to a report from CWB Chicago, he allegedly “put her in a bear hug, moaned, and called her ‘baby’ until she bit him on the neck and hit him with her phone. At that point, he jumped into the van and drove away.”

Approximately 15 minutes later he made the kidnapping attempt.

“The woman screamed and fought so hard to avoid being put into the van that she pulled part of the vehicle off. Prosecutors say that when a good Samaritan tried to help, Ewing threatened them with something he took from the van and then drove away,” the CWB report says.

Next, Ewing poured a cup of his urine on a random 25-year-old woman and told her that she “deserved” it.

“Then, just after 9 a.m., CTA cameras allegedly recorded Ewing as he urinated into a cup at a CTA station in the Loop,” the report said. “Minutes later, he passed a 25-year-old woman who was entering the station, and he poured the bottle of urine on her head, face, mouth, and purse, prosecutors said.”

Judge Maryam Ahamad, who previously served as the City of Chicago’s Sexual Harassment Officer, had released Ewing the day before without requiring any cash bail.

CWB reports that “Ewing’s sex offender status stems from an incident in the summer of 2017. He was charged with criminal sexual abuse and other crimes for allegedly grabbing women as they walked in the South Loop. Court records show that he got a three-year sentence for sexual abuse and another two years for aggravated battery.” He has also served time for felony aggravated battery of a nurse and aggravated battery of a peace officer.

Ewing’s attorney claims that the attacks were due to his mental health issues.

The sex offender was back in court in front of the same judge, who this time ordered a $50,000 bail for the new charges, plus another $10,000 deposit for failing to register.

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