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Chicago Public Schools Now Require Restrooms to be Gender-Neutral

As of Dec. 1, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) now require all schools in the district to adopt new signage in an attempt to make restrooms gender-neutral.

The initiative, which CPS is referring to as a “big step forward for gender equity,” requires the schools to display language outside of bathroom facilities informing students, whether they are male or female, that they may use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

“We’re requiring all schools to adopt new signage to make our restrooms more inclusive,” CPS wrote in a tweet sharing the change. “This is a big step forward for gender equity for our students and staff.”

The move impacts school children and the CSP employees alike.

“All CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity,” said CPS Title IX Officer Camie Pratt, who outlined the change in a video shared to social media on Nov. 30. 2021.

Pratt said the signage will “make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.” She also said that the move is a step to “increase gender equity for all.”

The new signages indicate the fixtures available inside the restroom and announce that it is open to users of any gender identity and expression. Other signages include “This restroom has stalls/urinals and all who feel comfortable can use them” and “This is a gender-neutral restroom with multiple stalls, it is open to users of any gender identity and expression”.

Implementing gender-neutral toilets are one of the first steps in the gender identity politics that is now taking over the public discourse across many districts around the nation. Trans activists and gender equity activists claim that separate bathroom facilities deemed sex specific promote inequality and are not inclusive. 

Pratt said the Office of Student Protections and Title IX is “working on a long-term plan” to make the signage more permanent throughout CSP.

TimCast reached out to the Office of Student Protections for Chicago Public Schools but did not receive a response as of this time.

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8 responses to “Chicago Public Schools Now Require Restrooms to be Gender-Neutral”

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  2. DavidFlora says:

    Or being raped like what happened in Loudon County, VA.

  3. DavidFlora says:

    I mean it worked well for Loudon County, VA… I guess the poor girl who gets raped first will at least find themselves in a handsome lawsuit…

  4. joea says:

    The key is pissing on the toilet paper, then you’re saving water. We have more trees now than we had 100 years ago. It’s environmentally more conscious

  5. Plaguen says:

    Oh how the girls are going to be mad when there is piss all over the seats.

  6. joea says:

    Guys, we have been oppressed by bathroom inequity! We get piss on the floors and flickering lights! NO MORE! Thanks to the do-gooder liberals not knowing the mess they’re about to see. We’re going to give a new meaning to “gender fluid”.

    I’ve got to say, having used gender-neutral bathrooms, you get the quality of a ladies room. Guys, you don’t know what you’re missing. The walls go all the way down, max privacy. It’s usually just shared sinks.

    But yeah, if it’s in a rough neighborhood, it’ll create serious problems when teens start banging each other in their 3’x5′ motel-room-like stalls.

  7. Alysandir says:

    Another example of, “we’re just going to do whatever we please without asking stakeholders (students/parents) what they think about it.” After all, the stakeholders might not agree, and that would just get in the way of the social justice agenda being jammed down our throats.

  8. Yagotme says:

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the sitdown-standup room and excrete.