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Chicago Mother Instructed Son To Shoot Man At Hotdog Stand

Woman told the 14-year-old boy to keep shooting until the man was dead

A Chicago woman has been charged, along with her 14-year-old son, after a fatal shooting incident where the woman allegedly directed her son to shoot and kill a man inside of a small restaurant on Chicago’s South Side.

Carlisha Hood, who holds a valid firearm owners identification card and concealed carry license, has been charged with a felony count of murder and a separate count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Her son has been charged with a felony count of murder.

Around 11 pm, Hood went into Maxwell Street Express to pick up food while her son waited in the car. While in line, she got into an argument with 32-year-old Jeremy Brown, according to prosecutors.

Hood then began texting her son and pointing to him. Her son entered the restaurant and stood in the doorway, at which point Brown punched the woman in the head three times.

The woman’s son drew a firearm and shot Brown in the back. Brown then fled the restaurant as Hood’s son followed him firing additional shots.

Hood instructed her son to keep shooting until Brown was dead, prosecutors say.

Court documents allege that Hood tried to take the gun away from the boy, but he pushed off. The two then got back into the car and fled the scene.

Neither had past reported criminal backgrounds, and they both turned themselves into police on Wednesday.

WBBM Radio Chicago reported that a witness identified both the woman and her son, while Hood’s neighbor provided video surveillance of the pair coming home that night and positively identified them.

As of June 23, 269 victims have been killed in Chicago this year, according to the latest homicide data.

The city of Chicago releases homicide information daily and filters out killings that occurred in self-defense.

Compared to last year, the city is seeing a drop in shootings and homicides.

Homicide victimizations are down 7.7 percent, while fatal shooting victimizations have dropped 5.9 percent.

All shooting victimizations are down 8.2 percent, and criminal sexual assaults are 4.2 percent lower.

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