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Dem. Rep. Says Americans ‘Have No Right to Spread Respiratory Droplets in Public Spaces’

Democratic Senator Ted Lieu offered a confusing message on social media over the weekend when he claimed that the American people “have no right to spread [their] respiratory droplets [in] public spaces and in businesses.”

“You have NO RIGHT to spread your respiratory droplets on me, on others, in public spaces and in businesses. The majority of reasonable Americans are going to fight the tyranny of the minority who insist they can leave their saliva anywhere. And we will win,” posted Lieu.

Lieu’s post follows new COVID regulations that require all House Members to wear face-masks inside the US Capitol.

“This is such an overstep of Speaker Pelosi’s authority to basically make our Capitol Police arrest staff members and report on members [of Congress],” Rep. Kat Cammack told Fox News Thursday. “It’s absolutely unconscionable that this is where we’re at.”

“I cannot comply with this tyrannical order,” Cammack added. “This is the people’s house, not Nancy Pelosi’s house.”

“The speaker of the House does not control the U.S. Capitol Police,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill told Fox News. “We were unaware of the memo until it was reported in the press.”

“If you are a Capitol police officer you got orders … If a vaccinated staffer comes across in the House side without a mask you’re ordered to arrest them, but not on the Senate side,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said. “This is not the America we know.”

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