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BREAKING: Shelter In Place Issued In Tucson, Arizona Following Hazardous Material Leak On I-10

Civilians Within A One-Mile Radius Have Been Ordered To Evacuate

Authorities have reportedly issued a shelter in place order in Tucson, Arizona after a truck carrying hazardous material overturned on the I-10.

The stretch of road has reportedly been closed in both directions at milepost 272. Civilians within a one-mile radius have been ordered to evacuate.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has not issued an estimated time for I-10’s reopening as of this report’s publication.

Tucson’s National Weather Service (NWS) cautioned drivers of “dense blowing dust” prior to the truck’s overturning. “Motorists traveling along I-10 should be prepared for rapidly reduced visibility below a mile due to blowing dust,” read the NWS update.

Images and video from the accident show what appears to be yellow and red smoke emitting from the overturned truck, which was reportedly carrying nitric acid, according to Pima County’s Office of Emergency Management and Tuscon Fire.

Pima County Emergency Alerts informed individuals within a 1-mile radius to shelter in place.

Individuals under the shelter in place order are advised to “turn off heaters, air conditioning units and other quipment that may bring outside air in.”

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is reportedly evaluating if the shelter radius will be expanded.

This story is still developing.

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