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BREAKING: Russian Missiles Strike 10 Ukrainian Cities in Retaliatory Attack

Russian Defense Ministry Said Moscow's Response 'achieved its goal'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired missiles that hit at least 10 Ukranian cities in what he says were revenge strikes for an Oct. 8 attack against a Crimean bridge Russia used to supply its troops fighting in Ukraine.

Fireballs engulfed buildings as Russian missile strikes ordered by Putin hit civilian targets, including downtown Kiev were at least eight people were killed and 24 others injured, the Associated Press reported.

Putin considers the bridge bombing a terrorist attack and stated on Oct. 10 that Russia delivered “mass strikes on Ukraine’s energy, communications and military command facilities using high-precision long-range weapons” in retaliation.

“If terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s response will be tough,” Putin said in a televised address.

The Russian president also said his nation was not allowed to participate in the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, “but we all know who the final beneficiary [of] this crime is.”

Among the buildings hit during Moscow’s strike was the German consulate. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that the building has been vacant since the war in Ukraine started and that Germany will now supply Ukraine with air defense systems — one within days, three others next year.

“The renewed missile fire on Kyiv and the many other cities show how important it is to supply Ukraine with air defence systems quickly,” Lambrecht said. “Russia’s attacks with missiles and drones terrorise the civilian population in particular. That is why we are now providing support especially with air defence weapons.”

Following the attack, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has spoken with all parties in an effort to mediate de-escalation.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to the attacks on Telegram, stating, “Today, the whole world once again saw the true face of a terrorist state that is killing our people. Not only on the battlefield, but also in peaceful cities.”

After the attack, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the strike had “achieved its goal” and that “all targets have been hit.”

Two Ukrainian intelligence officers were captured in the Andreevka area by Russian forces, according to Russian military website Top War. Moscow is purportedly planning to release videos of the interrogation of the two officers “soon.”

Top War also reported that in the Kharkov region, Ukraine’s military attempted an unsuccessful attack in response, losing more than 40 soldiers, five tanks, and four armored cars. Near the Kherson region, Ukraine suffered 60 casualties, with nine tank destroyed along with 16 armored vehicles.

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