BREAKING: Proud Boy Known as 'Tiny' Shot in Washington at Medical Freedom Protest (VIDEO)

Proud Boys member Tusitala “Tiny” Toese has been shot in Olympia, Washington.

The Proud Boys and other right wing protesters had been facing off with members of Antifa who showed up to antagonize a medical freedom rally. Toese was reportedly attempting to chase them off when he was shot.

“Tiny of the #ProudBoys has been shot here in Olympia, Washington. The shooting took place .8 miles away from the state Capitol, after Proud Boys pursued #Antifa Black Bloc- who showed up within a square block of a Medical Freedom protest,” leftist photojournalist Jeremy Lee Quinn tweeted with a video.

People at the scene said that Toese was shot in the foot. He did appear to be alert in the videos.

It is unclear who fired the shot at this time.

Timcast has reached out to friends of Toese and will update this story as more information becomes available.

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10 responses to “BREAKING: Proud Boy Known as ‘Tiny’ Shot in Washington at Medical Freedom Protest (VIDEO)”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    Does that make Caitlyn Jenner an Unproud Boy?

  2. LGR420 says:

    Antifa are cowards and, they have no honor. That is why we will win.

  3. DavidFlora says:


  4. LeeHarvey says:

    Is this for real? I mean, a guy named “Tiny Toese” gets shot in the foot? Need you any more proof we are living in a simulation?

  5. Eerdegaurd says:

    the hand on forehead is priceless. my man aint screaming, groaning, or crying. that hand on his forehead says it all to me XDXD

  6. EugeneTackleberry says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself

  7. Itompkins says:

    It will only be the Proud Boys that do. The local DA probably has already dismissed charges against whoever shot Tiny (even though they have yet to arrest anyone that I am aware of).
    This is also the reason you dont cross into Portland, without being armed. That and the excessively rampant homeless camps.

  8. UppityG says:

    I hope Tiny recovers quickly and wields an even bigger ‘tude against the antifa beta punks. Notice that it’s been antifa doing most of the shooting.

  9. IntegratedCrazy says:

    I hope they treat antifa to the same leaded gifts.

  10. Devon says:

    Headline/ narrative.

    Young white fascist shoots poc that was protesting for personal freedoms.