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UPDATE: At Least 10 People Shot in New York Subway Attack Involving Explosions

Reports indicate 13 people have been transported to local hospitals after the Tuesday morning attack

UPDATE 3:10pm EST:

According to a report by CNN, a gun and multiple high capacity magazines were found in the subway station where Tuesday’s shooting took place.

Officials told CNN that they believe the gun jammed during the shooting, preventing more injury or death.

Police are looking for a U-Haul van with Arizona license plate AL31408 that may be linked to the Brooklyn Subway attack, according to WNBC.

A senior law enforcement official told WNBC that they have an image of the man believed to be the shooting suspect but are still working to identify him.

UPDATE 12:10 pm EST:

NYPD briefing, the gunman appeared in the subway wearing a reflective vest, a grey hooded sweatshirt, and a gas mask. He set off a smoke device and began shooting innocent bystanders on the train. Officials reiterated the suspect was about 5-foot-5 and weighed about 170-180 pounds. They asked for any tips to be directed to the NYPD.

According to officials, 16 people were injured, and ten had suffered gunshot wounds. Five of the victims were in critical condition in local hospitals. Injuries also included “shrapnel” from the possible explosives, which has not been fully confirmed at this time.

During the press conference, Governor Kathy Hochul called the situation an “Active Shooter situation in the city” since the gunman was still at large. The Governor committed to focusing the state’s resources to end the surge in crime that has impacted New York City.

NYPD and other officials plan to hold another press conference later in the day with further updates.

Original Article:

Multiple people were shot during rush hour Tuesday morning in a Brooklyn subway station where several undetonated devices were discovered.

The incident broke out around 8:30 am at the 36th Street station for the D, N, R lines in Sunset Park. The suspect is still at large as of 10:05 am Eastern.

According to officials, 13 people have been transported to area hospitals after the shooting. Earlier reports stated only five people had been injured during the attack. Two of the five shooting victims were said to have been seriously wounded. 

Police said a man, possibly wearing a gas mask and orange construction vest, fled the scene to an unknown location. 

Explosions were heard at the subway station. While investigators said they were not sure what type of device was detonated, early reports said it may have been a smoke bomb. 

According to a report by the New York Post, a witness told the outlet that she saw the man, described as a 5-foot-5 black man, around 170 pounds wearing an orange vest and gas mask, drop “some kind of cylinder that sparked at the top.”

As of about 10 am Eastern, the NYPD reported no active explosives in the area. However, the department stated there was an ongoing investigation of the attack.

Witnesses and bystanders shared photos of the attack’s aftermath. Some images show blood-stained subway platform floors and injured people at the station.

There has been a significant interruption in the MTA’s subway service, shutting down multiple lines. The MTA has issued a statement acknowledging the issues and letting residents know the disruption is due to the ongoing investigation. 

Fabien Levy, spokesperson for NYC Mayor Eric Adams, tweeted early Tuesday asking residents to stay away from the area for safety and allow for a proper investigation of the events.

According to a live report from NBC News 4 New York, cameras in the area were “not operational.”

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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