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BREAKING: DePape, Pelosi Bodycam Footage Released

DePape Appears To Hit Pelosi Over The Head, Though The Attack Is Not In Full View

Officer bodycam footage of the late October “hammer attack” on Paul Pelosi was released on Friday.

The footage went unreleased following the incident leading to speculation and skepticism regarding the story’s validity.

Two officers are seen approaching the Pelosi residence as one officer says “definitely don’t want all of you here.”

One officer knocks on the door as the other officer asks if the address is correct.

The door opens to reveal Pelosi, who appears to be wearing underwear and a button down shirt, and attacker David DePape holding either end of a hammer.

“Hey, guys,” Pelosi says to the officers.

“What’s going on, man?” one of the officers asks as DePape grabs the opposite end of the hammer held by Pelosi.

“Everything’s good,” DePape says.

One officer orders the two to drop the hammer as DePape appears to gain control of the hammer saying, “Umm nope.”

Pelosi, who is holding a drink, then turns his attention to DePape who seizes the hammer.

DePape appears to hit Pelosi over the head, though the attack is not in full view as Pelosi moves off camera as the attacker swings the hammer.

The officers enter the Pelosi residence attempting to apprehend DePape who appears to fall on top of Pelosi following the attack.

DePape is detained by officers as Pelosi is seen laying on the ground.

Audio of Pelosi’s 911 call was also released on Friday.

“I guess I called by mistake,” Pelosi stammers as the 911 operator asks if the caller needs help.

“Oh, well there’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back. Nancy Pelosi,” Pelosi said. “He’s just waiting for her to come back but she’s not gonna be here for a day.”

Pelosi continued, claiming the man intended on waiting for Nancy to return.

The operator asks if Pelosi needs medical assistance to which he declines.

“Is the Capitol Police around?” Pelosi asks as a noise is heard in the background. “They’re usually here at the house protecting my wife.”

The operator tells Pelosi Capitol Police are not available as he is on the phone with San Francisco police.

Pelosi says he understands and asks another person, “I don’t know. What do you think?” A response from what sounds like a male is heard, though the audio is unclear.

“I’ve got a problem but he thinks everything’s good,” Pelosi continues as the operator tells him to call back if he changes his mind.

“No, this gentleman just came into the house and he wants to wait here for my wife to come home,” Pelosi says telling the officer he doesn’t know who the man is. “He’s telling me not to do anything.”

Pelosi provides his address and name to the operator and continues, “This gentleman … he’s telling me to put the phone down and do what he says.”

The operator asks Pelosi what the man’s name is as the man casually replies, “My name is David.”

“I’m a friend of theirs,” says the man despite Pelosi’s assertion that he doesn’t know him.

“He’s telling me … I gotta stop talking to you,” he tells the operator who insists she can remain on the phone to make sure everything is okay.

“No, he wants me to get the hell off the phone,” Pelosi responds as the call ends.

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