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BLM Protest Erupts In NYC Over Homeless Man Who Died After Being Choked On Subway

'Ima F--- You Up Boy' one protestor under arrest told a Timcast News reporter on the scene

Protests have erupted in New York City following a viral video featuring a homeless man who was choked to death on a New York subway.

A vigil was scheduled at the uptown F platform of the Broadway-Lafayette station for 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Protestors at the subway were chanting “f— Eric Adams,” while others chanted “Black lives matter, the homeless matter.”

Initial protests began near the Broadway-Lafayette station in Manhattan before continuing toward up Broadway.

“No justice, no peace. F— these racist a– police,” protestors continued.

One protestor allegedly engaging in graffiti was tracked and arrested by New York Police Department (NYPD) inside a 3NYC Concept as fellow protestors attempted to prevent Timcast News from recording.

Another protester, who frequently attempts to prevent reporters from recording events as they unfold, was also arrested by NYPD.

The man, who has previously assaulted Timcast News reporter Elad Eliahu, threatened Eliahu as he was being arrested, saying, “Yo, Ima f— you up boy.”

Following the reporting, one attendee approached Eliahu from behind before assaulting him and stomping on his phone.

Protesters have largely dispersed as of Wednesday evening.

On Monday, Jordan Neely, 30, was choked by a 24-year-old subway passenger on the F train after Neely reportedly behaved aggressively.

“He starts to make a speech,” freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez said in Spanish during an interview Tuesday, referring to the disturbed man.

“He started screaming in an aggressive manner,” Vazquez told the New York Post. “He said he had no food, he had no drink, that he was tired and doesn’t care if he goes to jail. He started screaming all these things, took off his jacket, a black jacket that he had, and threw it on the ground.”

The 24-year-old passenger, who was reportedly a Marine veteran, proceeded to place Neely in a choke hold on the ground of the train for 15 minutes, according to the outlet.

Authorities were called after the subway stopped at the Broadway-Lafayette Street/Bleeker Street station.

Neely, who reportedly had a history of mental health issues, was unable to be revived by EMS workers, according to law enforcement sources.

The 24-year-old, who declined to comment when approached by the New York Post, was taken into custody and subsequently released without charges, though may face charges after Neely’s autopsy results are made available.

“He moved his arms but he couldn’t express anything,” Vazquez said of Neely. “All he could do was move his arms … Then suddenly he just stopped moving.”

“This would never have happened if the police had shown up within five minutes,” he added. “Then we’d be talking about a true hero. It’s complicated.”

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