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Biden Compares Capitol Cops to Visiting High School Sports Teams Who ‘Get Jumped’

This week, President Biden compared Capitol Hill Police squads that responded to the January 6th riots with high school baseball teams who erupt in brawls after away games.

“All kidding aside, I got to know you,” Biden said to officers at the White House during a medal ceremony for first responders who defended the US Capitol.

“You’re the same ones after a ballgame in a visiting field who come walking out of the gym after you won and you may get jumped by the other team or their supporters. You may be all by yourself, the only one standing there, when you watch six people jump one of our teammates. What the hell would you do? You’d jump in, you’d jump in, knowing you’re gonna have the hell beat out of you, too.”

“A police officer is not what you do, it’s who you are,” he concluded.

“The bill signed by Biden awards the Congressional Gold Medal to the US Capitol Police and the DC Metropolitan Police Department for fighting off Trump supporters who smashed into the Capitol and disrupted certification of Biden’s victory in the Electoral College,” reports the New York Post.

“My fellow Americans, let’s remember what this was all about. It was a violent attempt to overturn the will of the American people, to seek power at all costs, to replace the ballot with brute force,” the President stated.

Read the full report at the New York Post.

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8 responses to “Biden Compares Capitol Cops to Visiting High School Sports Teams Who ‘Get Jumped’”

  1. We went from an Orange to a Potato. I think i prefer the Orange.

  2. JoshHickey says:

    You calling it a “conspiracy theory” is the problem. If the MSM is so insistent some theory based in probability is a “conspiracy theory”, then it’s probably true. They attack what they’re afraid of. The Government is no stranger to incitement

  3. mophorex says:

    I yearn for my 20s, when I believed what the Huffington Post was reporting. Ignorance is bliss.

    If I had only listened to Andrew Breitbart sooner. 40+ yr old me owns guns, go bags, survival manuals, etc.

    And despite swallowing that horse sized red pill, I can’t fathom how Tim isn’t hot all of the time wearing those beanies.

  4. prcntm says:

    I know it sounds super “Conspiracy Theory”, but I just can’t wrap my head around how a bunch of largely unarmed individuals were able to actually do this. I understand that there was an event that had them all gathered in the area prior. I get that tensions were a bit high and enough of them decided on a violent route. But I still don’t understand, even with the highest levels of “benefit of the doubt”, how literally every law enforcement agency who was supposed to be prepared for threats exactly like this were caught with their pants down.

    Either we have one of the most incompetent law enforcement agencies protecting our center of government, or this was orchestrated in concert with them; or both.

  5. MadManTV says:

    People keep laughing at Biden while the Democrats along with corrupt establishment Republicans are actively overthrowing the Republic of the United States. This has been happening slowly for decades. Frogs in a pot. I’ve been calling for action for 12 years and have been ignored for 12 years , just like you will ignore me now. By the time you decide to act it’s gonna be too late. The US FedGov overthrows nations , it’s what they do and you think they are just incompetent.

  6. matguerra says:


  7. JonyJuke says:

    Yeah a bunch of unarmed jerk offs were going to seize power in the most powerful country the world has ever seen

  8. DavidFlora says:

    I spit on these lying scumbags.