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Australia's Gender Ambassador Says Gender Equality Is Central To 'International Engagement'

Minister of Foreign Affairs: 'Think What More Our Region Would Be If Half The Population Wasn't So Often Held Back'

Australia’s newly appointed Ambassador for Gender Equality said promoting gender equality is central to the country’s “diplomatic, economic development and regional security,” along with Australia’s “international engagement.”

The Australian ambassador for Gender Equality is a lead advocate for Australia’s work on gender equality and the rights of woman and girls, according to Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Ambassador engages in “international advocacy, public diplomacy, and outreach in support of Australian Government policies and programs” including the promotion of gender equality and the eradication of sexual and gender-based violence.

Australia’s Government also seeks to “ensure better educational and health (including sexual and reproductive maternal health) opportunities and outcomes for women and girls along with enhancing the “participation of women in decision-making, leadership,” and “implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda.”

“I am [honored] to be Australia’s new Ambassador for Gender Equality,” wrote Stephanie Copus-Campbell.

I look forward to promoting [Australia’s] commitment to gender equality and the human rights of women and girls, and persons of diverse gender identities.”

“In this role I’m committed to listening to those who are dedicated to promoting gender equality and learning about the perspectives and priorities in communities and countries in our region and globally,” Copus-Campbell said.

Copus-Campbell said “promoting gender equality is the right thing to do,” further suggesting it was “smart.”

“It is central to Australia’s diplomatic economic development and regional security as well as our international engagement,” she continued, adding that she looks forward to working with worldwide partners to promote the aforementioned policies and programs.

In December, Australian Senator and Minister of Foreign Affairs Penny Wong revealed Copus-Campbell would assume her present role.

“Promoting gender equality is a priority for Australia and central to Australia’s diplomatic, economic, development, and regional security efforts,” wrote Wong. “Copus-Campbell will deepen Australia’s international engagement on gender equality with her expertise in community development, gender equality and health. She will advocate the importance of women’s human rights, ending gender-based violence, women’s economic empowerment, and the leadership of women and girls.”

“Our new international development policy, to be released in coming months, will make gender equality a priority,” Wong reportedly said at a parliamentary breakfast celebrating International Women’s Day, per ABC 4. “Think what more our region would be if half the population wasn’t so often held back.”

Copus-Campbell has no prior public service, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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